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ежегодный дайджест альбомов. увы, все больше тут становится музыкантов о которых не написано в этом блоге, но таково мое нынешнее время — пишу о другом. если кому что нежно — слушайте, а если кому что нужно — пишите. я всегда на связи и готов поделиться и нынешним и прошлым и будущим.


растарелизы: i-taweh – Reload (Tap Nat Muzik, 2020), Jamaram & Umberto Echo – 2020 in Dub (Turban Records, 2020), Lutan Fyah – Touch Di Road (Oneness Records, 2020), Rezin Tooth — Rezin Tooth (Wax Thematique, 2020), Mighty Lion — Reggae Family (Likkle Sound Records, 2020), Jonathan Emile — Spaces-in-Between (Mind Peace Love, 2020), Bost & Bim – Dreamcatcher (Khanti records, 2020), Automat — Modul (Compost Records, 2020), Yabby You & The Aggrovators – King Tubby’s Prophecies of Dub (Pressure Sounds, 2020), Tryo – XXV (Salut Ô Productions, Compilation, 2020), Ras Michael — Ras Michael_ Live by the Spirit (Hen House Studios, 2020)

Holy Fuck – Deleter (Holy EF Music, 2020) — Holy Fuck’s biggest strength has always been their ability to turn reckless abandon into dance floor catharsis. Their best work embraces unpredictability and an unbridled experimental spirit; after all, this is a group whose own mandate has been to create electronic music without electronics. Deleter finds the band recruiting guests like Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor to help deliver an energetic and danceable record. However, it lacks the urgency of their strongest material.

Bohren & der Club of Gore – Patchouli Blue (Ipecac Recordings, 2020) — In the nearly six years since German dark jazz outfit Bohren & Der Club of Gore released 2014’s Piano Nights, drummer Thorsten Benning left the group. Rather than replace him, they downsized and became a trio. The remaining members, Christoph Clöser (compositions, tenor saxophone, vibes, Fender Rhodes), Morten Gass (piano, organ, engineer, producer), and Robin Rodenburg (double bass) perform Patchouli Blue as if Benning never left; the sparse, funereal percussion is handled by a synth and all three members. The more things change the more things stay the same in the Club of Gore’s musical universe. Their tunes remain as sad as a burned-out house and as lonesome as a broke and crying drunk under a dim street lamp after closing time.

Tindersticks — See My Girls (City Slang, EP, 2020) — We are delighted to release our new EP ‘See My Girls’ 4 songs — See my girls (edit), the great David Boulter instrumental ‘A street walker’s carol’, ‘Blood and bone’ and the original Le Chien version of ‘See my girls’. The film for ’See my girls’ is a collaboration with Stuart’s daughter Sidonie Osborne Staples made from her continuous illustration of the songs narrative. Sidonie also made the artwork for the EP and co-wrote ‘Blood and bone’ on which she also provides the lead vocal. The EP is available digitally today. The 12” vinyl will be available at tour our dates from Gent (29th January) and in stores on 7th February

Chromatics – TOY [Single] (Italians Do It Better, 2020) —  Toy is the first new music from the new wave synth-pop group since October’s ‘Closer To Grey’, their first record in seven years. Produced by Johnny Jewel, it’s a cinematic piece of electronica with pulsing synths setting its feet firmly in the sound of the 1980s.

Sam Goku – Every Step EP (Atomnation, 2020) — Sam Goku’s music showcases bonds of ambient, acic, house, techno and melodies. It’s perfect for both club environments and home listening. The modern production style in combination with old-school elements / non-repetitive vocal sample work give Goku’s music a unique, trippy twist that is topped off with Chinese percussive instrumentation.

Nicolas Godin – Concrete and Glass (NCLS, 2020) — Looking back on his career with and without Air, Nicolas Godin’s beginnings as an architecture student become more and more apparent — and not just because the first song he created, “Modulor Mix,” was a tribute to Le Corbusier. A skilled use of structure and space is just as important to composing music as designing a building, and the weightless drift of his music is as much of a feat as a skyscraper that seems to defy gravity. Much like an architect, over the years Godin has built on his music’s foundations while continuing to innovate. If Contrepoint‘s dazzling fusion of classical, jazz, tropicalia, exotica, and left-field pop and the flawless ’60s spy music homage of his Au Service de la France (A Very Secret Service) score felt like reactions to the iconic sound hecrafted with Air, then Concrete and Glass is a welcome return to it. As its name suggests, Godin’s second solo album is ultra-sleek and airy, in both senses of the word.

The New Division — Hidden Memories (Division 87 Publishing, 2020) — Spearheaded by John Kunkel (lead vocals/producer/songwriter). The New Division is an LA-based tour de force. Influenced by a mix of new wave, progressive house, and techno, Kunkel has taken the tastiest slices of these genres and blended them into The New Division’s signature sound. With a sound that feels comfortably connected to the past but with a momentum that fastens them to the future, at its core The New Division’s custom blend of electronic adds tugging lyrics to each track, bringing satisfying emotion to the party.

Chromatics – Closer To Grey [Deluxe Edition] (Italians Do It Better, 2020) — Chromatics have released an epic deluxe edition of their 2019 Closer To Grey album containing 47 tracks. These tracks consist of the original album plus a number of instrumentals, remixes and unreleased bonus tracks. If that isn’t enough, the band has made the record digitally available for $1. You can purchase the MP3’s from the Italians Do It Better website. Our favorite tracks include Faded Now, a slowed down version of the Closer To Grey title track and the club mix of You’re No Good as well as the 8 Track version of Twist The Knife.

Isobel Campbell — There Is No Other… (Cooking Vinyl, 2020) — After a prolonged absence and major changes in her life, Isobel Campbell returns with her freest, finest album yet in There Is No Other, released 31st January 2020 via Cooking Vinyl. Thirteen tracks of hook-driven melody across a wide spectrum of subtle, alluring arrangements and moods, from intense to mysterious to carefree, topped by her trademark gorgeous soft-spun voice.

Marc Almond – Chaos and a Dancing Star (BMG, 2020) — Constantly creative, Marc Almond release his brand new album ‘Chaos and a Dancing Star’ via BMG. The album was made in collaboration with producer, songwriter and pianist Chris Braide, who also worked on ‘The Velvet Trail’. An Ivor Novellowinner and a Grammy nominee, Braide’s many high profile credits include work with artists such as Sia, Lana Del Rey and Halsey. The duo started writing for the album three years ago, their initial plan for a prog rock album evolving into something leaning more towards strident pop melodies.


февральские растадабы: Christafari — Musicianaries_ At Any Cost (Lion of Zion Entertainment, 2020), Pachyman — At 333 House (Mock Records, 2020), Dub FX — Roots (Convoy Music Group, 2020), Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band – Heavenless Extended (Roots Garden Records, 2020), Yvonne Archer — Ain’t Nobody (Isle of Jura Records, 2020), Fari Earl-E-Bee — Original Fari (Nile Valley Entertainment, 2020), Mikey Spice — Are You Ready (Pro Production Entertainment, 2020), Nick Sefakis — Foundation (Nick Sefakis, 2020), The Delta Riggs — Active Galactic Higher Than Before (Inertia Music, 2020), Dub Shepherds & J.A.H.N.O – Tales of a Wild World (BAT Records, 2020)

SPC ECO — February EP (Not On Label, 2020) — Produced and Mixed by Dean Garcia Written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia Recorded at ELaB — Topaz London — Opole Poland Vocals on tracks 1/2/4 recorded by Rose Berlin Add Guitars and Drones (2/3) recorded by Jarek Leskiewicz This EP is the 2nd release of the 2020 series

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun EP (Dead Oceans, 2020) — The formulation of this short romantic detour from Leon Bridges and Khruangbin began, appropriately enough, on the road. After the fellow native Texans toured together, Khruangbin — a trio of instrumentalists who mix deep soul, funk, and rock with grainy, psychedelic finesse — recorded a track they thought would suit Bridges, an old soul with a fresh and personal perspective on traditional R&B. They met up in Houston and knocked out four songs with Bridges always at the fore, a change for the band who have previously used vocals only for shading. They begin by unfurling a couple lazing grooves.

Michael Grigoni & Stephen Vitiello — Slow Machines (12k, 2020) — Slow Machines brings together veteran Stephen Vitiello and 12k newcomer Michael Grigoni, whose debut Mount Carmel (12k1090, 2019) made an impression for its merging of the pedal and lap steel guitars with a hushed, ambient sound. With both calling the southern mid-Atlantic region of the United States home, the two met up and discussed a collaboration in which Grigoni would provide the guitars and Stephen the electronics and processing with a goal of combining each of their artistic languages into a new form.

Andromeda Dreams – Point of No Return (2020) — Get ready for an exciting journey into distant galaxies, through clusters of asteroids and other dangers that await space wanderers at every turn. Enjoy the scenery of distant planets and the cold beauty of endless space. Perhaps you will never be able to return back to Earth, but your mission must be fulfilled. The point of no return has been passed, you just have to fasten your seat belt, close your eyes and click on «Play»…

King Krule – Man Alive! (True Panther Sounds, 2020) — After two feverishly received albums as King Krule, plus another low-key outing under his own name, this extraordinarily gifted 25-year-old from Peckham in South London adds further depth and substance to his oeuvre with another wondrous long-player called Man Alive!. It arrives packed full of his trademark sonic ambition and compositional skill, as well as the now-familiar corrosive lyricism and lurid social observation.

Jack Peñate – After You (XL Recordings, 2020) — Following two albums of generally bouncy, soul-inflected indie pop that looked to ’80s movements such as the 2-Tone ska revival, sophisti-pop, and jangle pop for inspiration (2007’s Matinee and 2009’s Everything Is New), Londoner Jack Peñate decided to take a deep dive into the recording and production end of things in order to, as he saw it, better express his songwriting. No less than ten years and, per Peñate, over a thousand songs later, he re-emerges with After You.

Les Tit’ Nassels — Le Live Des 20 Ans (At(h)ome, 2020) — Pour leur 20 ans de carrière les Tit’ Nassels ont vu les choses en grand : un album live, 25 titres pour près de 2h30 de concert et de bonne humeur en compagnie de nombreux invités, devant 2000 personnes, le tout au Scarabée à Roanne.

La Rue Kétanou — 2020 (LRK Production, 2020) — Quelques heures après avoir abordé la sortie du nouvel de Gari Grèu sur Irfan le label, voici une autre annonce qui risque bien de ravir les amateurs de cette scène française qui n’arrive toujours à prendre de ride, celle qui transpire les années passées sans jamais se démoder. Pour dire, en 2020, La Rue Kétanou revient avec de nouveaux morceaux.

Multicast Dynamics — Ancient Circuits (Astral Industries, 2020) — Multicast Dynamics returns with a sixth studio album but one that marks something of a new chapter. Ancient Circuits is a departure from previous works on Denovali and one that stands the project aside as a powerful electronic act that tells stories while also serving up heavy hitting soundscapes that are persuasive, unexpected and disturbing.

Les Hurlements d’Léo — Mondial stéréo (Baco Records, 2020) — un surprenant nouvel album aux accents world music auxquels se sont joints de nombreux invités, unissant leur voix pour évoquer l’exil, phénomène qui touche des millions d’individus aux quatre coins du monde.

Miracle Whips – The Art Of Facts (DevilDuck Records, 2020) — “Despite the fact that they were both present for the entire affair, Paul Dillon & Jason Merritt somehow did not meet on a co-headlining Sparklehorse/Mercury Rev tour of the Eastern U.S. back in 1999.

Califone – Echo Mine (Jealous Butcher Records, 2020) — Echo Mine is Califone’s score to Robyn Mineko Williams’ dance. The movement and the music started together and grew together, like two clear entities. At times totally intertwined and at other times bouncing off one another, sort of like reflections.

Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White – 2 (Caldo Verde Records, 2020) — On his second collaboration with American pianist Ben Boye and Australian drummer Jim White, Kozelek does not change much in his songwriting style compared to his few recent records — still long compositions, still containing stream of consciousness lyrics, still telling stories based on his life and observations. Ever since he introduced this style on Jesu / Sun Kil Moon, I was wondering when it will finally click properly with me. I surely did enjoy his collaboration with Jesu quite a bit, but ever since that record his projects felt pretty mediocre at best, just lacking something to compliment Mark’s vocal delivery — that something was instrumentation idea.

Mordisco — Atlas EP (Atomnation, 2020) — Psychedelic reminiscences, vibrant percussions, and hypnotic progressions characterize the eclectic sound of Mordisco’s «Atlas EP». Hailing from Granada, Spain, Hugo and Angel play records and produce music together. Their approach blurs the lines between Techno, House, and Disco – providing a very free and personal vision to dance music.

Ahmed Ben Ali — Subhana EP (Habibi Funk, 2020) — Ahmed Ben Ali was born in 1971 in Benghazi. He went to boarding to school in Canada for 8 years, and returned to Libya. For a couple of years he also worked in the UK. Music was never his main job but his “main hobby” as Ahmed says. But it would take him years until he started recording his own music after many of his friends encouraged him to do so. This culminated in recording his first album, which he released in 2003. Since then he recorded maybe 40 tracks and released two more albums.

Teen Daze — Pure Water (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina) [Synesthesia, 2020] — “I’m excited to announce the release of a new EP, entitled Pure Water, based off the book The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina @ianurbinareporter. Each song on this EP was not only made in connection with a chapter from the book, but also features field recordings from Ian’s travels.

1 Mile North — Tombs & Cocoons (Wortcunner Records, 2020) — Das recht bekannte Label Robotoc Empire hat für etwas abseitigere Musik das Nebellabel Wortcunner Records gegründet. Dort im Staate Washington wird vor allem auf Vinyl und digital veröffentlicht. Die Dark Blueser 1 MILE NORTH haben passend zur Jahreszeit ein neues Album namens «Tombs & Cocoons» dort erscheinen lassen.

Message To Bears And Will Samson – Together [EP] (2020) — After multiple contributions to each others’ recordings over the years, two friends Jerome Alexander (Message To Bears) and Will Samson present a fully collaborative release, Together. The six track album was created in just 8 days during late 2019 at Jerome’s home studio in Bristol, UK. No songs were written prior to the recording sessions, allowing the music to be guided by spontaneity and intuition.

Hello Meteor — The Existence Wild (Evergreen Prefecture, 2020) — Winter evokes an unforgiving-bleak landscape alongside an invitation to warm, inviting familiarity. The Existence Wild blankets snow over otherwise angular surroundings.

Anna Calvi – Hunted (Domino, 2020) — 8 months after the release of Hunter, which explored sexuality and breaking the laws of gender conformity, Anna Calvi revisited her initial, more intimate recordings of those songs. The versions on Hunted find her masterful guitar playing and formidable vocals distilled to their bare essence, in the company of collaborators Courtney Barnett, Joe Talbot (IDLES), Charlotte Gainsbourg and Julia Holter. The tracks on Hunted shine under the light of a different lens, one that brings the innate fragility of the compositions to the forefront and exquisitely melds together the dichotomy of the hunter and the hunted, the primal and the beautiful, the vulnerable and the strong.

Real Estate – The Main Thing (Domino, 2020) — Over the last decade, Real Estate have crafted warm yet meticulous pop-minded music, specialising in soaring melodies that are sentimentally evocative and unmistakably their own. The Main Thing dives even further into the musical dichotomies they’re known for—lilting, bright guitar lines set against emotionally nuanced lyrics, complex arrangements conveyed breezily— and what emerges is a superlative collection of interrogative songs as full of depth, strangeness and contradictions as they are lifting hooks.

Daniel Knox – Half Heart_ Songs From Twin Peaks (H.P. Johnson Presents, 2020) — Artist Daniel Knox, who opened for David Lynch at multiple Inland Empire screenings, has chosen Twin Peaks Day 2020 to release Half Heart: Songs from Twin Peaks, a 9-track album with interpretations of Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s music for Twin Peaks.

Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様 — Gypsy Davey (Sub Pop Records, 2020) — Japanese psychedelic rock group Kikagaku Moyo present a stunning, hypnotic cover of the traditional folk song “Gypsy Davey,” as arranged by Sandy Denny’s band Fotheringay in 1970, backed with a new, original song called “Mushi No Uta.” Both tracks were recorded in 2019 at Wilton Way Studio in London, and the single features cover art by Portland, OR artist Hailee Va.

Bobby Previte, Jamie Saft, Nels Cline – Music from the Early 21st Century (RareNoiseRecords, 2020) — This is not your father’s organ trio a la Jimmy Smith, Grant Green, Jack MacDuff or others. The music made by drummer Bobby Previte, keyboardist Jamie Saft, and guitarist Nels Cline takes liberties and then some, in keeping with its apt title, Music from the Early 21st Century and the record label name, RareNoise. Don’t expect the funky, soulful old school grooves. In fact, come with no expectations because this is free-flowing improvisation, recorded live with only the three instruments having anything in common with the notion of an organ trio. Suffice it to say, these three obliterate that concept and take the listener on some careening, rollicking adventures.

Chinese Man — The Groove Sessions, Vol. 5 (Сhinеsе Маn Rесоrds, 2020) — из врунета: «К 15-летия их лейбла Сhinеsе Маn Rесоrds, французская трип-хоп группа Сhinеsе Маn, также испытывающая влияния хип-хопа, фанка, даба, регги и джаза, совместно с проектами Sсrаtсh Ваndits Сrеw и Ваjа Frеquеnсiа вернулись в студию для создания 15 новых треков. Они провели напряженную неделю в студии, находящейся в горах. Идея заключается в том, чтобы смешать разные стили и направления, отдавая предпочтение спонтанности и наитию. Еще полгода понадобилось для доведения до ума и музыкальной полировки наработанного материала.»


мартовские растадабы: Dubheart — From the Vaults of Ariwa (Ariwa Sounds Ltd, 2020), Mark Wonder & Oneness Band – Remz of the Dragon Slayer (Oneness Records, 2020), Tu Shung Peng – Channel 5 (Khanti Records, 2020), Vitchous — Trust the Process (Vitchous, 2020), Marcus Gad – Rhythm of Serenity (Baco Records, 2020), Dallas – Wake up Community (Rain Tree Records, 2020), Dakka Dembélé — Petit Bateau (Disques Nuits d’Afrique, 2020), Mafia & Fluxy — Soundsystem Dubwize (feat. Patrixx Aba Ariginal) (Gaffa Blue, 2020), Keznamdi — Bloodline (Keznamdi, 2020), RasMoses — Seek Jah First (Rebel Sound Records, 2020), Zoe Mazah – On Repeat EP (MAYtunes, 2020), Oranmiyan — Autodidact (Alkebulan Records, 2020)

Sibusile Xaba – Ngiwu Shwabada (Komos, 2020) — Charismatic guitar savant Sibusile Xaba reframes maskandi and the avant garde in his own humanist manifes . With a vocal style that is part dreamscaping and part ancestral invocation, Xaba divines as opposed plainly sing- ing. Combined with a guitar style that is rooted in expressive picking, Xaba’s music shatters the con nes of genre, taking only the fundamentals from men rs such as Madala Kunene and Dr Philip bane and imbuing these with a mythology and improvisational intensity all of his own. The song Tribute Bafo that features on this new record is an homage Madala “Bafo” Kunene.

Jex Opolis — Net Worth (Good Timin’, 2020) — Jex Opolis just released his second album, Net Worth, on his own Good Timin’ imprint. The 11-track LP is Jered Stuffco’s second full-length, following his 2017 LP, Ravines, and EPs for Dekmantel, Running Back and his own label. «The idea was to finish this album before my 40th birthday and the birth of my first child, I guess as a last document of my dying youth,» says Stuffco, calling the LP a «midlife crisis with drum machines.»

The Chi Factory — Travel in Peace (Astral Industries 2020) — J.Derwort (15/07/1952 — 11/02/2019) left all his flutes, old guitars, strange percussion and some weird found objects at the Chi Factory studio. Hanyo van Oosterom went back to Patmos in April 2019 to visit all the magic places where Chi once started. He recorded the basics for ‘Travel in Peace’. Playing and recording these handmade bamboo flutes without the master himself being there was a lonely and emotional journey. But along the way the magic connection returned and the last Chi Factory album was born. On ‘Santa Fe’ and ‘Last Breath’ samples were used of J.Derwort during his last weeks in Santa Fe, Spain. The Chi circle is now closed. Chi Factory will move on as ‘Sons of Chi’. A new platform for different collabs and new adventures in sound. The legacy will live on, so will we.

Peaking Lights — Soft Escape EP (Dekmantel, 2020) — Making a new and enlightened breakout with their new single ‘Soft Escape’, seasoned lo-fi, Californian psych-dub duo Peaking Lights conjure up yet more liberating dreamy, melancholic, retro-styled, handmade pop. Replete in their unique-fashion of artisan electronics, and otherwordly vocal, ‘Soft Escape’ serves as a prelude to their forthcoming LP for Dekmantel, the aptly titled E S C A P E. It will see the avant-pop duo breakout across the Atlantic once more, ready for more escapist-psychedelic-festival dubbings for years to come.

African Head Charge – Churchical Chant of the Iyabinghi (On-U Sound Records, 2020) — A unique album of outtakes from the classic Songs Of Praise and In Pursuit Of Shashamane Land albums, compiled by On-U archivist Patrick Dokter from the original tapes and expertly sequenced to work as an immersive listening experience. A companion piece to the acclaimed Return Of The Crocodile set from 2016 that took the listener on a version excursion through the early years of the group.

36 & zakè — Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel (Past Inside the Present, 2020) — The world has found itself in a significant hurry. We have also found ourselves in the most distracted period of time in history; finding it tremendously difficult to remain in a moment of stillness, quietude, or allow time for self-reflection. Conversely, our vast universe continues its expansion into infinite development; a climate of deafening silence in a boundless four-dimensional continuum. It remains mesmerizing with a quiet allure that freely suspends in space-time; a true account of the beautiful unknown that sparks hope, reverence, and an awesome realization of impenetrable mystery.

Son Of The Velvet Rat — Monkey Years #2 (Monkey., 2020) — ist also eine Remineszenz an das vergangene Jahrzehnt, eine Bestandaufnahme und Möglichkeit für alte und neue Fans, die Songs setzen zu lassen, und als solche eine Herzensangelegenheit. Es handelt sich um die Essenz eines künstlerischen Unternehmens, das eine wirkliche stolze Zahl an Tonträgern auf unserem Label veröffentlicht hat — und nun einmal mehr im Querschnitt erfahrbar ist. Das Wiederhören macht doppelt Freude: wir legen gleichzeitig auch noch einmal die erste „Monkey Years“-Kollektion auf. Als Geschenk an Georg Altziebler und uns selbst. In zehn Jahren folgt dann Vinyl Nummer drei, wenn alles glückt, was uns die Vergangenheit und die Gegenwart für die Zukunft verheißen.

The Heliocentrics — Infinity Of Now (Madlib Invazion, 2020) — The Heliocentrics’ albums are all confounding pieces of work. Drawing equally from the funk universe of James Brown, the disorienting asymmetry of Sun Ra, the cinematic scope of Ennio Morricone, the sublime fusion of David Axelrod, Pierre Henry’s turned-on musique concrète, and Can’s beat-heavy Krautrock, they have – regardless of the label on which they’ve released their music – pointed the way towards a brand new kind of psychedelia, one that could only come from a band of accomplished musicians who were also obsessive music fans. Drummer Malcolm Catto and bassist Jake Ferguson are the Heliocentrics’ masterminds and producers, and they are obsessive weirdos in today’s musical climate, searching, progressive humans who are often out-of-time with current trends.

SPC ECO ‎– 3月EP March EP (Not On Label, 2020) — Produced and Mixed By Dean Garcia. All songs written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia

Kail Baxley — Beneath The Bones (Antifragile Music, 2020) — KaiL Baxley has already lived many lives—amateur boxer, grave digger, watermelon picker. As a child, he may have even contemplated dancing when he picked up some moves from his mom’s fellow prison inmate at the time, The Godfather of Soul James Brown. Yet, since his 2013 debut, Heatstroke/The Wind and the War, and follow up, A Light That Never Dies (2015), music has been the South Carolina-native’s only vocation.

CocoRosie — Put The Shine On (Marathon Artists, 2020) — It’s hard to describe CocoRosie. Part decrepit, Victorian vampire swaddled in lace crawling across a graveyard at midnight, park folk-horror, part rap, part listless Americana, they make music for those of us who move eternally one step outside of reality, head in the clouds, hearts artistic in glitter. If you try and google it, you’ll find they’re undefinable (unless ‘freak-folk’ is an actual thing?) – but honestly, that’s just the way we like them.

36 — Music For Isolation (COVID-19, 2020) — For many of us, what is happening right now with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes. To see entire countries shut themselves off from the rest of the world during peacetime is heartbreaking, but these extreme measures need to be done to protect people. The advice by medical experts is clear: We need to practice social distancing, wash our hands and stay at home as much as possible. Every time we are in a public space, we are potentially opening ourselves up to infection, while also becoming vectors to infect others. It’s an uncomfortable situation, but to keep ourselves and our families safe, we have to temporarily make sacrifices. To continue as normal is both reckless and selfish. We don’t know how long we’re in this for, but the sooner we accept this new reality, the more lives can be saved.

Lian Ray — Rose (Snowstar Records, 2020) — Lian Ray is a French songwriter who recently exiled himself to Amsterdam after a decade spent battling his demons in Berlin. He excels in honest, nocturnal pop songs with an emphasis on dark romanticism.

Windy & Carl — Allegiance and Conviction (Kranky, 2020) — Written and recorded across six years, the songs swirl between shoegaze minimalism and stargaze drift, over which Windy Weber whispers veiled poetic narratives of transformation, isolation, and escape. Allegiance and Conviction is their first album since 2012’s We Will Always Be. The six compositions are something of outlier in their catalog, shorter in nature than most on their previous releases. All of the tracks are saturated with Hultgren’s signature guitar work, intimate constructions of murmurs, drones and his trademark layered filigree, gently amassed into alternately lighter and heavier than air atmospheres.

Yael Naim — Nightsongs (Tôt ou tard, 2020) — из врунета «Яэль Наим представляет новый полноформатный альбом, получивший название «NightSоngs», очень интимную работу, в которой исполнительница еще более полно раскрывает слушателю свой внутренний мир. Если предыдущий альбом был спродюсирован и выпущен совместно с ее мужем и соавтором Дэвидом Донатиеном, то «NightSоngs» Яэль делала полностью самостоятельно, включая аранжировки. / Яэль Наим (род. 6 февраля 1978, Париж) — французско-израильская певица и автор песен. Получила известность в 2008 году после того, как ее песня «Nеw Sоul» была использована Аррlе в рекламе нового ноутбука МасВооk Аir. Успех этой песни сделал ее первой израильской исполнительницей, вошедшей в горячую десятку в США. Яэль начала свою карьеру певицы с первого сольного альбома «In а Маn’s Wоmb», изданного в 2001 году. Вначале она выступала под именем Яэль, а также параллельно пела в дуэте Маshmаuуоt. Песни на французском, английском и иврите заслужили однозначное одобрение критики. Стиль Яэль Наим описывается как немного народный, и немного джазовый, с загадочными и вызывающими воспоминания словами.»

Sea Wolf – Through A Dark Wood (Dangerbird Records, 2020) — Everything is alright now. Alex Brown Church — the man behind the dark folk, indie rock band Sea Wolf — wants you to know that from the start. Really. Sea Wolf’s eagerly anticipated fifth LP, Through A Dark Wood, due out March 20 via Dangerbird Records, proves it in 11 textured, sometimes-acoustic, sometimes-electronic, unabashedly honest tracks.

Wolfgang Muthspiel – Angular Blues (ECM Records, 2020) — Wolfgang Muthspiel, whom The New Yorker has called “a shining light” among today’s jazz guitarists, returns to the trio format with Angular Blues, his fourth ECM album as a leader, following two acclaimed quintet releases and his trio debut.

Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela – Rejoice (World Circuit, 2020) — is a very special collaboration between Tony Allen, the legendary drummer and co-founder of Afrobeat, and Hugh Masekela, the master trumpet player of South African jazz.

Brian Eno & Roger Eno – Mixing Colours (Deutsche Grammophon, 2020) — из врунета «Легендарные братья музыканты Брайан Ино и Роджер Ино записали новый альбом «Мiхing Соlоurs», который стал их первой полноценной совместной работой, хотя и до этого они много сотрудничали. По словам музыкантов, они придумали серию абстрактных цветов и посвятили каждому из них отдельную композицию, предлагая слушателю погрузиться в созерцание внутренних образов. Пластинка издана 20 марта 2020 года звукозаписывающей компанией Dеutsсhе Grаmmорhоn на двойном виниле.

Foreign Fields – The Beauty Of Survival (Foreign Fields, 2020) — Foreign Fields is an electronic folk group that hails from the wintry plains of Wisconsin. New Years day of 2011 they met in their hometown, in an abandoned office building, to begin work on their first full length LP “Anywhere But Where I Am”. Having no set plan or guide, the album grew naturally as they left their lives in the north for the rivers of Tennessee. Days after self-releasing on Bandcamp in January 2012, the album began to catch the attention of notable tastemaker blogs and worldwide critics alike.

Work Drugs — Over the Edge (EP, 2020) — a teaser of the full length effort to come later this year. stay smooth

Taylor Deupree — Objects I’ve Been Given (12k, 2020) — Objects I’ve Been Given is a monthly creative project I’ve embarked on for the year of 2020. The project is based around small sound-making objects given to me over the years by friends and family, maybe for a birthday, or as a gift when visiting their country, and in some ways is a return to the more experimental work of mine from the early 2000s. The objects range from a tiny brass bell, to a handmade sculpture to an antique wooden zither, from the simple to the ornate. To me they are much more than simple gifts or noise makers, they hold stories and memories and have been cherished over the years.

Melingo — Oasis (Buda Musique, 2020) — Le chanteur et compositeur poly-instrumentiste Daniel Melingo, ex-icône punk et figure mythique de la scène rock destroy, est passé aussi par le funk, le reggae, le classique, la pop ou encore le flamenco avant de redécouvrir le tango de sa ville natale, il y a une quinzaine d’années. Si ses derniers disques témoignent de l’histoire de Buenos Aires en portant les textes de poètes comme Carlos de la Pua, Evaristo Carriego ou Luis Alposta, il réinvente un tango populaire iconoclaste, à son image. Pour les textes d’Oasis, Melingo a collaboré avec le scénariste et journaliste Rodolfo Palacios et avec ses amis-ie poètes Luis Alposta, Maria Celeste Torre et Andre Calamaro.

Milio — Afterglow (Atomnation, 2020) — Milio is one half of the duo Tunnelvisions. His solo debut EP is the result of experimenting with sequencers, tape machines and wires. The four tracks meander in the deep house and melodic techno genres. The last bits of the mix and recordings are done at the prestigious W2 studios that host producers from all over the world.

Son of Ohm — The End of Time (2020) — Impressionistic Organic Electronic Music in a Retrosonic Style. Another echo of the good old Berlin School days. These were live studio sessions with some overdubs Here & There.

Tamikrest – Tamotaït (Glitterbeat Records, 2020) — Three years after they made Kidal, an angry album about exile and dislocation in Bamako, the Touareg guitar band have been further displaced — now recording in rural France. But they are still dreaming of the desert. “My dearest wish”, thunders Ousmane Ag Mossa on the opening track, “Awnafin”, “is to see the beloved flag raised that will unite all the people of Kel Tamasheq [the Touareg’s preferred nomenclature for themselves]”. The guitars fuzz and the bass and drums lope. “All for unity that makes Kidal the capital.”

Matt Elliott – Farewell To All We Know (Ici D’Ailleurs, 2020) — Four years after ‘The Calm Before’, a new album titled ‘Farewell to all we know’ is expected to be released in February 2020.

Hailu Mergia – Yene Mircha (Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2020) — Trying to pin a single word or label to the music of Hailu Mergia is a fool’s errand. The Ethiopia-born multi-instrumentalist gained renown in his homeland for his groundbreaking fusion of jazz, funk, and Ethiopian popular music; since moving to Washington, D.C. in the early ‘80s, his palette has grown richer still, expanding to include elements of reggae and R&B.

Brazzaville — Sheila’s Dream (South China Sea, 2020) — released March 26, 2020

Brikkuni — Il​-​Hajja, Il​-​Mewt, In​-​Nisa (Not On Label, 2020) — «Впечатляющая дарк-поп пластинка от мальтийского андеграунд-романтика Марио Велла. А язык (смесь иврита с грузинским, французского с фарси) в эмоциональной фазе выдаёт, просто обширный катарсис с благодатным катаклизмом» пишет Семен Небаба в не в коня корм

Nils Frahm — Empty (Erased Tapes, 2020) — из врунета: «Новая работа Нилса Фрама, получившая название «Еmрtу», выпущенная лейблом Еrаsеd Тареs, на котором немецкий композитор и музыкант из Гамбурга успешно издается на протяжении последних десяти лет. Нилс Оливер Фрам (род. 20 сентября 1982) с детства увлекался музыкой: его учителем пианино тогда был Наум Бродски (последний из учеников Чайковского), поэтому его ранние композиции были предельно классическими. Сейчас он яркий представитель неоклассики, наряду с такими знаменитыми именами как Олафюр Арналдс и Анн Мюллер. Весна 2005 — Фрам сотрудничает с Арни Ремер и создает Аtеliеr Мusik Rесоrdings — независимый лейбл, который будет в дальнейшем отправной точкой для его работ, а в 2008 создает Durtоn Studiо. Сегодня же Нилс Фрам — это прежде всего композитор и продюсер, живущий и работающий в Берлине.»

Son of Ohm — Deeper Ground (2020) — For this production I used my collection of analog & digital synthesizers, voice and Linn Drum samples. «There’s a Deeper ground behind it all Where nothing really matters».

Jack Poels ‎– Blauwe Vear (Snowstar Records, 2020) — Jack Poels (62, America, Noord-Limburg), is known as singer/guitarist of Rowwen Hèze (started in 1985). After 35 years of highlights (awards, international festivals, tours and an oeuvre full of hits of which no less than seven reached the Top2000 this year, coming from 23 albums that sold almost a million copies combined), Jack Poels will release his very first solo album on March 27 on Snowstar Records.


апрельские растадабы: Ziggy Marley — Road to Rebellion Vol. 3 (UMGRI Interscope, 2020), George Davis — Politricksians Give Us a Break (2020), Mad Professor — Ariwa 2019 Riddim & Dub Series (Ariwa Sounds, 2020), Spirit Revolution & Sugardaddy — The Message (One Drop, 2020), Chezidek — Timeless (Baco Records, 2020),

SPC ECO — 4月EP April EP (2020) — Produced and Mixed by Dean Garcia. Written By Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia. Don’t Mind Me Written by Dean Garcia and Mark Wallbridge. Dedicated to All NHS Workers Everywhere. Fuck you Covid19

TOPS – I Feel Alive (Fat Possum Records, 2020) — из врунета: ТОРS — канадская группа из города Монреаль, известного такими по-хорошему сумасшедшими уроженцами, как Маkеоut Vidеоtаре, Мас DеМаrсо, Аlех Саldеr, Wаltеr ТV, Sеаn Niсоlаs Sаvаgе и многими-многими другими. Эта команда, состоящая из Джейн Пенни (Jаnе Реnnу), Дэвида Карьера (Dаvid Саrriеrе), Райли Флека (Rilеу Flесk) и Маделин Гловски (Маdеlinе Glоwiсk), уже успела завоевать сердца многих слушателей и получить для своего дебютного LР «Теndеr Орроsitеs» (2012) звание лучшего альбома года от авторитетного журнала Gоrillа vs. Веаr. Их музыка захватывает своей загадочностью и искренней легкостью, а тонкий голосок очаровательной Джейн надолго западает в сердце. Новый диск «I Fееl Аlivе» стал четвертым полноформатным студийным альбомом в их дискографии и их самой амбициозной работой на сегодняшний день.»

M. Ward – Migration Stories (Anti, 2020) — To say that M. Ward‘s albums all follow the same blueprint is essentially a compliment. Only a musician with such a rich talent for melody and vocal texture could get away with crafting so much sparse and simply written material and still make it work.

Luke Sital-Singh – New Haze [EP] (Raygun Records, 2020) — Luke Sital-Singh has today released new single ‘Almost Home’, the first track to be taken from his new collaborative EP New Haze, out April 3rd via The Orchard. Luke will follow the EP release with a European tour, including a London show at the Union Chapel on May 5th. Luke co-wrote ‘Almost Home’ with his friend, fellow songwriter Steve Aeillo (Lana Del Ray, Mumford & Sons, Thirty Seconds To Mars). Explains Luke: “We made this during the first ever session I did after moving out to LA last year. I was opening my world to a whole new set of collaborators in a whole new place, whilst always questioning what it means to be at home.”

Songdog – Happy Ending (Junkyard Songs, 2020) — Lyndon Morgans and confederates Karl ‘Pod’ Woodward and Dave Paterson have released eight albums without rising above the radar. Songdog’s 2017 album Joy Street received great press from the likes of Mojo, Uncut, The Mirror, Maverick and AmericanaUK, amongst others.

Chromatics ‎– Faded Now (Italians Do It Better, 2020) — из врунета: «В прошлом году Сhrоmаtiсs вернулись после долгого перерыва и теперь продолжают с новой пластинкой, от которой есть все основания ожидать их фирменного звучания. Американская электроник и синтипоп группа из Портленда была образована в 2001 году. Музыка Сhrоmаtiсs могла бы озвучить классические нуарные фильмы если представить себе, что их начали снимать не в 50’х, а на двадцать лет позже. Сhrоmаtiсs обладают даром наполнять свою танцевальную по структуре и, возможно, назначению, музыку не свойственными ей качествами. В ней присутствуют ощущения нагнетания, одиночества и пустоты такими, как их показывают в кино. Урбанистическая картинка, призванная иллюстрировать огромный муравейник где всем одиноко, грустно, но все равно интересно. Забавно и невероятно, что совсем недавно группа играла нойзи-ноу-вейв, единственным напоминанием о котором в нынешней музыке остались гитары и акценты, впрочем, основательно утопленные в толще винтажных синтезаторов.»

LF58 — Alterazione (Astral Industries, 2020) — Alterazione presents a critical statement – distinguished by its technical execution and breathtaking artistry. The album itself is a cathedral of sound, each cavernous chamber an exploration of space and consciousness. Presented in four movements (one track per side), altogether they extend as a transportive experience of evolution for the listener.

Trigg & Gusset — The Way In (Humanworkshop, 2020) — Dutch jazz renegades Trigg & Gusset, notorious for their musical ingenuity as well as their mature production style, are now back in 2020 with their third album “The Way In”. This follow up to their internationally acclaimed “Adagio For The Blue” features eight soundly composed and tightly produced tracks.

Slow Leaves – Shelf Life (Birthday Cake, 2020) — Slow Leaves is Winnipeg singer-songwriter Grant Davidson. Known for his ability to breathe poetry into the ordinary, the JUNO Master Class alumnus continues his deep exploration of the self with upcoming record, Shelf Life, marking his sixth studio album and third under the moniker Slow Leaves. The 10-track album leans into themes of romantic memory, domestic duty, artistic ambition, and dreams unfulfilled, underpinning the belief that there is indeed strength in vulnerability.

Laura Marling – Song For Our Daughter (Chrysalis Records, 2020) — It’s been three years since Laura Marling’s last release, Semper Femina, which was the now veteran songwriter’s sixth album in almost as many years. The gap between albums resonates in the meditative feel of Song for Our Daughter. Marling explores topics ranging from motherhood to the instability of a creative career, and many obstacles one could encounter in life, all the while guiding us through with her calm and melodic tone.

Bill Laswell – Against Empire (M.O.D. Reloaded, 2020) — Over the course of three decades, visionary bassit/producer Bill Laswell has been one of the most prolific and restlessly creative forces in contemporary music, always a few steps ahead of the curve, Evolution/Revolution. Against Empire, a new catagory of magical, electro/acoustic technology. Further research may shed a most revealing light on thr development of sound storage in material culture.

Cowboy Junkies — Ghosts (Latent Recordings, 2020) — How fitting it is to have an album titled Ghosts suddenly appear at this time. Such is the case with the latest batch of songs from the Cowboy Junkies, which hit streaming services early this month. But the album’s title has less to do with the current zeitgeist than with the circumstances the band finds itself in.

Elvis Depressedly – Depressedelica (Run for Cover Records, 2020) — It’s been five years since the last Elvis Depressedly full-length, 2015’s New Alhambra, but there’s been no lack of new music from Mat Cothran. He’s released two solo albums in that time, 2017’s Judas Hung Himself in America and last year’s My First Love Mends My Final Days, and he’s wrapped up his Coma Cinema project with Lost Memory. But now the North Carolina-based musician is returning to his Elvis Depressedly moniker this year with a new album called Depressedelica.

Tornado Wallace — Midnight Mania (Optimo Music, 2020) — “The music is inspired by earth,” Lewie Day says about this mini-album as Tornado Wallace, “both the planet itself as the small insignificant celestial being in the great cosmic story, and earth — the dirt itself — the womb and the tomb of life’s mysteries and wild manifestations.” He’s referring to Midnight Mania here, but this poetic statement actually feels like it’s been a guiding force in Day’s music for about seven years now. The Australian artist broke through in 2010 as part of a disco and house milieu that included artists like The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, Mark E and Session Victim, but after a year or so away from releasing records, he returned in 2013 with EPs for ESP Institute ‎and Beats In Space that seemed to signal a change. We were still in roughly the same BPM range, but the disco samples and influences had given way to something under the broad umbrella of Balearic—the range of instruments widened and the atmospheres became humid and enigmatic. Day’s music felt—and continues to feel—earthy, a vibe you can also sense in titles like Lonely Planet (his first album, on Running Back), Kangaroo Ground / Ferntree Gully, Falling Sun and others besides these.

Clara Engel — Hatching Under the Stars (self-released, 2020) — Ontario-based singer, guitarist, songwriter, and visual artist Clara Engel has been keeping busy: Hatching Under the Stars is their thirtieth release, and follows just over a year on from Where a City Once Drowned – The Bethlehem Tapes Vol II.

The Little Hands Of Asphalt – Half Empty (Fika Recordings, 2020) — Det føles som en liten evighet siden popsnekker Sjur Lyseid, alias The Little Hands Of Asphalt, serverte de lekreste indiepop-perler. Og vet du hva? Det ér det faktisk. Det er åtte år siden Floors kom ut. I mellomtida har han agert som produsent og låtskriver for en rekke artister, men nå er han endelig tilbake med ti nye låter sjæl.

The Tiger Lillies — COVID-19 (Misery Guts Music Ltd., 2020) — ‘Covid-19 came out of the blue and left me unable to do the thing which I’ve always done for the last 30 years — perform! The thing which has kept me alive materially, occupied my time and kept me sane. For me the act of singing to an audience has been my emotional and artistic release. Covid-19 stopped all that and for the last 3 weeks I’ve felt like a goldfish in a bowl. My only way of staying relatively sane has been to sing songs about the madness of this . Here’s the album we’ve recorded, me isolating in my studio in Berlin, my band member Adrian isolating in his studio in Athens. Covid-19’.

The Sweet Serenades – City Lights (Leon Records, 2020) — The Sweet Serenades formed back in 2005 by Martin Nordvall and Mathias Näslund and swung from garage rock to softer atmospheres between albums. By 2014, Näslund left the band. City Lights is the first album from the now solo project and finds Nordvall taking things down a darker path. On the title track, we follow Nordvall through the city in a late-night taxi ride with a kaleidoscope of bright electro-pop as he glances at his phone waiting for a sign that someone, anyone, is thinking of him.

The White Buffalo — On the Widow’s Walk (Spinefarm Records UK, 2020) — the latest full-length by the White Buffalo (a.k.a. Oregon-born troubadour Jake Smith), has once again proven that one of America’s most proficient singer-songwriters might be hiding in plain sight. Although Smith has been releasing albums since 2002, the White Buffalo first came into prominence in the soundtrack to hit television series Sons of Anarchy. Since the show wrapped in 2014, however, he’s released three more albums — each with its own unique brand of narrative panache.

Milky Chance – Stay Home Sessions [EP] (2020) — Milky Chance have released an EP of acoustic tracks recorded from their respective homes amid the coronavirus pandemic. ‘Stay Home Sessions’ features four tracks from the band’s 2019 album, ‘Mind The Moon’, which have been re-recorded from isolation.

Chromatics – Teacher [Single] (Italians Do It Better, 2020) — new single “Teacher” & announce the tracklist for their long-awaited Dear Tommy album. “The apple obscured in fog is enigmatic & open to the interpretation of the viewer. Are we sinking into the unknown or rising from beyond the grave? An apple a day keeps the doctor away & music is the medicine. Our teachers transfer knowledge of good & evil. From the fairytale of Snow White’s endless sleep to the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis, exposure is the agent of change. Music is a language communicated by the artist but ultimately defined by the listener’s own exposure to sound throughout their life time. I can’t change my past, but I can choose to break the cycle & not pass the poison apple I was fed to my daughter.”

Teitur – Modern Era [EP] (Ferryhouse, 2020) — Today, Teitur has released his new EP “Modern Era”, which contains four tracks that were recorded in the Netherlands this winter. Among the tracks are his previously released singles “Holiday Inn” and “Clara”.

Mazgani – The Gambler Song (Sony Music, 2020) — o sexto álbum de Mazgani e continua a conduzi-lo numa busca — agora menos tensa — pela verdade. A 4 de Março tem apresentação no Capitólo, em Lisboa.

Other Lives – For Their Love (ATO Records, 2020) — mark their return their long-awaited fourth album ‘For Their Love’ on April 24th, 2020. The record follows 2015’s Rituals and finds frontman Jesse Tabish displaying a more candid narrative both in general and on a more personal level.

Buck Curran — No Love Is Sorrow (Obsolete Recordings, 2020) — The third solo album ‘No Love Is Sorrow’ by Buck Curran (of the duo Arborea)

Dan Tuffy — Letters Of Gold (Continental Record Services, 2020) — sees a shift away from the story-telling country noir atmosphere of his debut towards a more groove based approach where bass, electronic and percussive elements come to the foreground on a big, rich production canvas. The importance of song nevertheless remains central to the whole thing with Dan’s rich, warm vocal sound bringing it all home. The recording process involved multiple collaborations and file sharing with Dan’s favourite musicians from around the globe including bass players Madelief van Vlijmen and Judith Renkema (The Netherlands), co-producer, midi programmer and sound-scaper Michael Turner (Australia) and multi-instrumentalists Lucie Thorne & Matt Walker, who both appeared on his debut and again play prominent roles here. The result is a modern offbeat and lushly orchestrated earthy sound, sublimely glued together by genius producer/mixer/mastering engineer Zlaya, Dan’s long time go-to compadre when it comes to putting the sheen on records.

Work Drugs — True Palms (2020) — Philadelphia’s premier Bat Mitzvah and Quincenera party band. released April 22, 2020

Skata Vibration — Tatsuniyan Lagos (Suyatronik, 2020) — Les Nigérians du groupe Skata Vibration, Adey, Jad, Laughter et Stiques vous embarquent dans la fièvre d’une nuit nigériane avec au menu un brassage de sons traditionnels et de rythmiques baignées dans les eaux puissantes de l’afro-rock.

Mark Lanegan – Straight Songs Of Sorrow (Heavenly, 2020) — This long player was tackled straight after he wrote his memoir Sing Backwards And Weep which will be published just before the album. “Writing the book, I didn’t get catharsis,” Lanegan chuckles. “All I got was a Pandora’s box full of pain and misery. I went way in, and remembered shit I’d put away 20 years ago. But I started writing these songs the minute I was done, and I realised there was a depth of emotion because they were all linked to memories from this book. It was a relief to suddenly go back to music. Then I realised that was the gift of the book: these songs. I’m really proud of this record.”

Meadows – The Emergency Album (Antifragile Music, 2020) — stirring, authentic and profound, Meadows turns his insides out; sometimes gloomy, sometimes hopeful, but always full of life and emotions. Born and raised in the small town of Söderköping, on the east coast of Sweden, the finger style guitarist and songwriter Christoffer Wadensten has traveled the world the last couple of years. With a background in classical music, Wadensten appreciates the invisible art of music and how it works from the inside. He views the process of creating music similar to that of building the simplest to most complex structures into which he can step. The title of Meadows’ upcoming album, The Emergency Album, is inspired by the American poet, Frank O’hara, and his ability to catch the emotional state of being within an emergency.

Bloom Twins – Love Me Right Now (Atomnation, 2020) — Polynation is back with an excellent remix for Bloom Twins. The girls are known for their tracks «Blue» and «Talk To Me», as also profile pieces in magazines such as Vogue and Wonderland. Stijn and Hessel remixed their work «Love Me Right Now» and added a deep synth bass, drums, and a sample of the original vocal to it.


майские растадабы: Y-Bayani and Baby Naa & their Band of Enlightenment Reason and Love — Nsie Nsie (Philophon, 2020), Manasseh & Praise – Manasseh Meets Praise (Roots Garden, 2020), Zion Train — Illuminate (Universal Egg, 2020), Victor Rice — Drink (Easy Star Records, 2020), Collie Buddz — Cali Roots Riddim 2020 (Ineffable Records, 2020), Inna De Yard — Rare Bonus Tracks (Wagram Music, 2020), Puppa LËk SÈn – Lion of Teranga (Jahsen Creation, 2020), O.B.F — SIGNZ (Dubquake Records, 2020), Alpha Steppa — Raise the Ark (Steppas Records, 2020), Alpha & Omega — Shadrach Meshach and Abednego (Steppas Records, 2020)

Sam Goku — Paradise Drum EP (Atomnation, 2020) — Sam Goku is on fire. Right after his Every Step EP we now present Paradise Drum: a dazzling 3-track EP that further expands his vivid sound palette. The new EP is an absolute highlight from a producer on the rise. The tracks sound connected but have a very different focus — a quality where only the biggest producers live up to.

Old Man Winther – A Hazy Shade Of Winther (2020) — Last week I received an invitation to record a song for my old friend’s birthday and chose the Simon and Garfunkel tune of that name. It held deep resonance for both of us since we were young friends and for years after. While I had always meant to record Old Friends, perhaps I was waiting until I really felt we were «old». But now that time seems to be standing still, I felt I waited long enough and got a version finished.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Home Covers (2010-2014) (Dirty Hit Ltd, 2020)Website

SPC ECO – May EP (2020) — Produced and Mixed by Dean Garcia. Written By Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia. You Got This co written with Mark Wallbridge. Wish You were Dead Written by Rose Berlin

Marissa Nadler – Covers 3 [EP] (2020) — covers featuring her own takes on Metallica, King Crimson, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and more. It’s called Covers 3. Stream it below via Bandcamp. Covers 3 is a six-song EP that includes five covers and “one little original number” called “Strange Days”. It follows Nadler’s 2018 album For My Crimes and her 2019 collaborative LP with Stephen Brodsky, Droneflower.

Hello Meteor — Night Supply (Evergreen Prefecture, 2020) — Picking up where 2017’s «Causality Violations» left off, Night Supply explores passage through an ancient, profound space of cryosleep running beneath the Great Quarantine of 2020.

Jonathan Bree — After The Curtains Close (Lil’ Chief, 2020) — ‘After The Curtains Close’ sees Jonathan Bree’s trademark orchestral pop take a few unexpected turns into the experimental and sometimes kitschy territory populated by some of his French heroes of the 1960s. The end result is an album that retains Bree’s musical DNA while being fun and varied. What could be described as Bree’s ‘sleazy’ album could also be described as Bree’s break-up album. Dealing with the break-down of a major relationship, Bree opens up to reveal a year of loneliness and mental trauma while also channelling positive feelings by embracing sex and sleaze in his music — subject material more traditionally reserved for the single man. Bree strikes a great balance here between darkness and silliness in that he does this without appearing snide.

Work Drugs – True Palms [EP] (2020) — Philadelphia’s premier Bat Mitzvah and Quincenera party band.

I Break Horses – Warnings (Bella Union, 2020) — из врунета: «I Вrеаk Ноrsеs — шведский электронный музыкальный дуэт родом из Стокгольма, состоящий из Марии Линден (Маriа Lindеn) и Фредрика Балка (Frеdrik Ваlсk). Такой стиль музыки способствуют нейтрализации обостренных негативных эмоций и сглаживают острые углы. Сам по себе такой саунд был рожден на Туманном Альбионе, откуда выходит чуть ли не 80% всей самой качественной и хорошей (это лишь частное мнение) музыки. Дуэт Марии Линден и Фредрика Балка преобразовался в полноценную группу в 2008 году. Стиль музыки не менялся ни разу, сохраняя свою мелодичность, степенность и убаюкивающий характер. Эксперименты со звуком можно найти едва ли не в каждом треке. Пресса у проекта тоже разная. Положительный отзыв о них высказали журналисты из Тhе Guаrdiаn, описавшие музыку шведов, как «пьянящие, роскошные и текстурированные звуковые решения». Им в противовес высказывается Рitсhfоrk, рассуждая о том, что ребята уж слишком увлеклись, создавая музыку при помощи компьютеров и для компьютеров.»

Peaking Lights – E S C A P E (Dekmantel, 2020) — With their first LP in over three years, Californian psych-dub duo Peaking Lights offer an outlet from the mundane with a kaleidoscopic collection of lo-fi, escapist-electronic pop. Over their illustrious twelve-year-plus career, the husband and wife duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis have set themselves apart with their characteristic dreamy, and melancholic sound that blends together elements of dub, and delicate-but-quirky electronics. E S C A P E, Peaking Light’s sixth album, and first for Dekmantel, finds them at their finest, replete with atmospheric landscapes crafted out of homemade-percussive loops, that sit alongside wondrous electronic pop and krautrock-like hooks, all tied together by Indra Dunis’ composed and hypnotic vocal charm.

Federico Durand — Alba (12k, 2020) — Alba is the Spanish word for the moment when the first light of day appears, before the sun rises, and all things appear magical. Argentinian Federico Durand returns to 12k with music for dawn listening. His small and humble sounds of everyday life are crafted with simplicity, stillness and repetition – making music how children play.

Deleyaman — Sentinel (TTO Records, 2020) — Written and recorded between October 2018 and September 2019, the ten song album includes contributions from Brendan Perry, Jules Maxwell and Madalina Drouvin Obreja. An album remains an essential format for Deleyaman. A long, necessary time, a path that must be taken. From the mists of «Exil», with its hypnotic and beaded soul of clear guitars, to the clear obscure mood of «Slaves», throughout the ten paintings, «Sentinel» toils the conviction that the beauty of dawn is born first from the night, that a ray of sunshine is never more beautiful than when it pierces through the clouds, just after the rain.

VA – Pacific Breeze 2_ Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986 (Light In The Attic, 2020) — it was the first collection of its kind to be released outside Japan. It proved to be just what music fans had been waiting for—a compilation of sought-after tracks that had been nearly impossible to obtain unless you were well-connected with dealers and collectors, or traveled regularly to the countless record stores in Japan. Pacific Breeze included Minako Yoshida, Taeko Ohnuki, Hiroshi Sato and Haruomi Hosono among other key players of ‘70s-’80s Japanese City Pop, the nebulous genre that encompassed an “amalgam of AOR, R&B, jazz fusion, funk, boogie and disco, all a touch dizzy with tropical euphoria,” as we described it the first time around.

Tidiane Thiam – Siftorde (Sahel Sounds, 2020) — Dreamy instrumental acoustic folk guitar from Fouta Toro in Northern Senegal. Fingerpicked acoustic guitar with intricate syncopation, a technique inspired by the four-string hoddu, with melodies that go back centuries, from the Almoravid dynasty to the Mali Empire. In contrast to the familiar desert blues, Siftorde highlights a very distinct and underrepresented style of Sahelian guitar.

Boys Be Kko — Far East Express (Atomnation, 2020) — Tokyo based producer and live-performer boys be kko returns to Atomnation with his third EP, titled Far East Express. It’s another miraculous collection of works with outstanding drum programming, harmonies, vocal samples, and iconic cover art. From the more laid back, warm chilled track Tapisl — to the wild, uplifting track TYPE A — and the more dubby title track Far East Express: This EP is on spot from the first until the very last second. It’s topped off with a remix from Tunnelvisions who have been a fan of the Japanese producer since day one. They stripped the original mix of Tapisl and delivered the perfect club filler.

Dean Roberts — Not Fire (Erstwhile Records, 2020) — is the first album from Berlin-based songwriter Dean Roberts in 12 years, and his comeback arrives during apocalyptic times. It’s not an album about someone who’s found hope or love despite everything; Roberts sounds exhausted, and his album is as ugly and as bleak as life often is. For those who’ve been in the pits and succumbed to self-destructive nihilism, Not Fire is a reminder of how hellish it all can be.

Michelle Gurevich – Ecstasy In The Shadow Of Ecstasy (Not On Label, 2020) —  Written and produced by Michelle Gurevich. Michelle: vox, synths, classical and electric guitars, melodica ▪ Steve Fishman: bass on 5, 6, 7 ▪ Larry Salzman: percussion on 1, 6, 7 ▪ Gustavo Lopez Retamal: classical guitar on 1, 6 ▪ Rob Calder: bass on 2, 3 ▪ Leo Abrahams: electric guitar on 2 ▪ Bart Dietvorst: electric guitar on 3 ▪ Matt Davies: drums on 2, 5 ▪ Esteban Vázquez: drums on 3 ▪ Chaun Horton: drums on 3 ▪ Oleg Maximov: classical guitar on 9 ▪ Tim Isherwood: whistling on 9

Luca Nieri — Always You (Wonderfulsound, 2020) — Luca Nieri returns with his 4th delicate album Always You. Stripped down and delicate Always You is an album full of intimate and personal songs. Luca’s success with synchronising his lo-fi humble attitude to recording to AMC’s / Amazon Primes psychedelic mini series Lodge 49’s inspires him to throw some covers into mix this time. Bert Jansch’s, Fairpoint Convention, Connie Converse, The Browns and Vashti Bunyan are all tackled but what really shines through are the Nieri originals. The title track Always You and Scarlet Sails mark Luca Nieri as not only a genius player and sonic visionary but a great songwriter.

Woods – Strange to Explain (Woodsist, 2020) — A lot happened to the members of Woods to influence the making of this eleventh studio album. For a start, vocalist Jeremy Earl became a father, and guitarist Jarvis Taveniere moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. The pair also worked together on David Berman’s Purple Mountains project — the last thing the singer, poet, and musician made before taking his own life. It’s no surprise that the eleven songs on Strange to Explain both capture and convey the wide range of emotions of those experiences — a confused swirl of hope, wonder, and melancholy, all set to the band’s now-trademark woozy melodies.

Indigo Girls – Look Long (Rounder Records, 2020) — The Indigo Girls have always been the essence of a populist band. Their legion of followers are rabidly devoted, reflecting a bond that runs deeper than the music itself and suggests an actual communal connection. There’s no need to tweak their template, although with five years since their last album and 31 since their first, one has to admire their determination in stay true to their MO. Amongst several standouts, the reggae flavored title track and the bubbly yet infectious twosome “Favorite Flavor” and “Muster” could be perceived as a slight change in tack, but given their affirmative anthems and positive perspective there’s every reason to believe that their devotees will be well pleased with the results. The uplifting anthem “When We Were Writers,” the searing stance of the absolute rocker “Change My Heart” and the soaring crescendo of the dynamic and demonstrative closer “Sorrow and Joy” — a not-so-distant cousin to their classic “Galileo” — ought to be enough to entice fans to sing along once the pair are able to return to the road.

VA – Africa Airways Six_ Mile High Funk 1974-1981 (Africa Seven, 2020) — The Africa Airways series on the Africa Seven label returns with its 6th instalment. Africa Airways Six: Mile High Funk 1974-1981 is a scintillating 10-track collection featuring the likes of Cameroonian artist Eko Roosevelt, Nigerian street funk from Akwassa and former Osibisa bassist JK Mandengue.

Emily Jane White — Dark Undercoat (B-Sides) (610595 Records DK, EP, 2020) \ Emily Jane White — Demos And B-Sides Volume I (610595 Records DK, EP, 2020) — Website

Taylor Deupree — Objects I’ve Been Given (12k, 2020) — Objects I’ve Been Given is a monthly creative project I’ve embarked on for the year of 2020. The project is based around gifts given to me over the years by friends and family, maybe for a birthday, or as a gift when visiting their country, and in some ways is a return to the more experimental work of mine from the early 2000s. The objects range from a tiny brass bell, to a handmade sculpture to an antique wooden zither, from the simple to the ornate. To me they are much more than simple gifts or noise makers, they hold stories and memories and have been cherished over the years.

Windows 96 — Glass Prism (100% Electronica, 2020)vaporwave | chillwave | psychedelic

Howe Gelb ‎- Cocoon (Welcome Rain Wonder Mint Music, 2020) — A meander of instantaneous aural sketches of improvised ponder. It should be duly noted that no one is depressed or exhibiting any residual effects of the lyrical involvement herein. These are momentary possessions that passed by like glimpses of passengers on fleeting trains amongst the tracks in the evening here with soft glowing windows offering a blurred snippet. The piano was cocked & loaded at all times for the possible capture of any compelling notion and / or melody that should erupt per any hour to reel in this 90s TEAC CD recorder sheerly for the sake of its own slipstream banter that might make sense weeks later .. . if ever. These doodles were never built to be played again, and some that were left off here, were never even meant to be played at all.

Applescal (a.k.a. Pascal Terstappen) — Diamond Skies (Atomnation, 2020) — Pascal Terstappen a.k.a. Applescal has released his new artist album, ‘Diamond Skies’ on Atomnation. The nine-tracker is a collection of expertly-produced, instrumental melodic house with lush, ambient soundscapes and a nod to the analog sounds of the 90’s. The album has received heavy support from key names in underground electronic music community and is Applescal’s sixth studio album to date.

Broeder Dieleman — De Liefde is de Eerste Wet (Snowstar Records, 2020) — After a successful theater tour in early 2020, and an extensive tour of more than 30 shows through Belgium and the Netherlands together with Wannes Cappelle (Het Zesde Metaal) and Frans Grapperhaus following their joint release ‘Dit Is De Bedoeling’ in 2019, a new album by broeder Dieleman is now on the way. The album is called ‘De Liefde is de Eerste Wet’, a text that the itinerant artist Jan de Prentenknipper cut out regularly in the 19th century as a slogan on his beautifully colored prints, which still adorn many rooms in Zeeland. It is a collection of beautiful stories in the form of 13 songs, expertly cut out by our by Dieleman and colored by him and his band. It will be released on the 29th of May, and can be pre-ordered now.

Ben de la Cour – Shadow Land (Flour Sack Cape, 2020) — “Shadow Land is a deeply dark, deeply disturbing, deeply moving and deeply satisfying slab of roots-rock and Americana from one of the more terrifically and terrifyingly talented songwriters to come down the pike in way too many years.”


июньские растадабы: Groundation – The Next Generation (Live) (HTS Roots Creations, 2020), Brother Culture – Code Name in Dub (Evidence Music, 2020), Macka B — Warrior Style (Ariwa Sounds Ltd, 2020), Cienfuego — Dub Expedition (Mediterranean Dub, 2020), Blundetto — Good Good Things (Heavenly Sweetness, 2020), Prince Fatty feat. Shniece McMenamin — Disco Deception EP (Evergreen Recordings, 2020), The Wailers And U-Roy — My Cup Runneth Over (Tafari Records, 2020), Buju Banton — Upside Down 2020 (Gargamel Music, 2020), Baco & Urban Plant — Rocking My Roots (Mioi Asso, 2020), Space Kamp — Electric Lemonade (RHM, 2020)

Sébastien Tellier – Domesticated (Record Makers, 2020) — In the minds of many, Sébastien Tellier will be defined by one of his earlier songs: ‘La Ritournelle’. Its gradually ascending chord sequence has been used in countless soundtracks and adverts, and its shuffling groove was provided by Tony Allen, who has recently passed away.

SPC ECO – June (Not On Label, 2020) — из врунета: «лонгплей британско-американской группы SРС ЕСО (произносится как «Sрасе Есhо»), образованной в 2007-м году. Коллектив состоит из Dеаn Gаrсiа, в прошлом участника популярной в 90-х-2000-х и знаковой для своего времени рок-группы Сurvе, вокалистки Rоsе Веrlin и ещё длинного списка друзей, гостей и единомышленников. Их первый релиз вышел в 2009-м году на лейбле Nоisерlus Мusiс. Все следующие альбомы группа выпускала на или Есо Lаb Rесоrding, или вне лейблов. Группу по первым альбомам относят к чисто шугейзингу и альтернативному року, но со временем их саунд вобрал много разного и видоизменился в нечто более атмосферное.», Bandcamp

Foals – Collected Reworks Vol. 1 (Warner Music, 2020) — «The album features our favourite remixes — some old, some new — from across our catalogue. A nice lil anthology for the midnight marauders out there… Volumes II & III are coming later this Summer. Hold on to yr butts. Highlights from the three volumes will be compiled into a limited edition coloured triple-vinyl Collected Reworks set, which will be released on 9th October».

Ilya — Love In The Time Of Corona (2020) и Severn (2020) — Here’s a collection of new and old songs that I have put together for these strange new pandemic times we have suddenly found ourselves in. Please download for free if you have no money or just a small contribution if you can afford it. Thank you and stay safe (we’ll see you all the other side!)

Shook — Lost Tracks, Vol. 1 (Not On Label, 2020) — А selection of lost tracks by Shook from time period 2011 — 2020. Jasper says: «I tried to select a song from every album period which didn’t made it to the release. I tried to select these 5 because they match quite well as a short EP even though they are made in totally different periods of my life. Sometimes it was hard listening back to some songs, others brought me back to special places in my heart. «

Hugo Race & The True Spirit — Live in Wolow Gaol (Don’t Sit On My Vinyl!, 2020) — Cut by Uncle Gusstaff’s magic needle — limited edition double 10” vinyl of the Spirit live in a Polish prison in 2009, original CD is long sold out. This show happened on the 53rd State tour with Chris Hughes Dave Allen and Patch — we had a really amazing night! Dugald Jayes recorded and mixed. Remastered at Helixed 2020 #hugorace #hugo_race_helixed

Борис Гребенщиков — Знак Огня (2020) — из врунета: «заключительная часть трилогии, в которую вошли пластинки «Соль» 2014 года и «Время N» 2018 года. Гребенщиков работал над пластинкой два года. Песни записывались в Санкт-Петербурге, некоторые партии — на Кубе, в Калифорнии и Израиле, а перед карантином БГ уехал в Лондон, где и завершил запись. Как обычно, в записи альбома приняли участие многие интересные музыканты со всего мира: клавишник и продюсер Джеймс Халлауэлл, мексиканско-американский гитарист Омар Торрес, кубинский трубач Роберто Гарсиа и многие другие, чьи соло порой были записаны удалённо и сведены непосредственно в Лондоне.«

Khruangbin – Mordechai (Dead Oceans, 2020) — из врунета: «Британский лейбл Night Тimе Stоriеs, который является родственным более известному лейблу LаtеNightТаlеs и его одноименной серии дисков, представляет третий студийный альбом «Моrdесhаi» американской группы Кhruаngbin из Хьюстона. Название группы в переводе с тайского языка на английский буквально означает «Еnginе Flу» — одно из названий тайского фанка 60’х годов. Это дань уважения данному стилю, который и вдохновил формирование группы. Этот стиль характеризуется психоделическим саундом с влиянием серф-рока и лоу-фая. Трио Кhruаngbin состоит из Лауры Ли на басу, Марка Шпеера на гитаре и Дональда «DJ» Джонсона на барабанах. Их фаворитами всегда были раритетные тайские кассеты 60’х и 70’х годов. Последние несколько лет группа провела в многочисленных турне по Европе и США. Они с успехом выступали на Гластонбери и десятках других крупных фестивалях, а также открывали новый однодневный фестиваль Маssivе Аttасk в Бристоле.»

Shook — The Void (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina) [Synesthesia Media, 2020] — All of the music is based on The Outlaw Ocean, a New York Times Best-Selling book by Ian Urbina that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world. This reporting touches on a diversity of abuses ranging from illegal and overfishing, arms trafficking at sea, human slavery, gun running, intentional dumping, murder of stowaways, thievery of ships and other topics. While reporting for more than 5 years at sea, Urbina built an audio library of field recordings. It featured a diversity of textured and rhythmic sounds like machine-gun fire off the coast of Somalia and chanting captive deckhands on the South China Sea.

Federico Durand — Flor imaginaria (2020) — is an album consisting of two musical pieces recorded in my attic studio in La Cumbre, Argentina, with synthesizer, lyre, sampler and tape loops.

Teen Daze – Reality Refresh [EP] (Flora, 2020) — Reality Refresh is the first in the series of four EPs, written and recorded (mostly) in the spring of 2020. We start with the title track, with its swung drums, soft, phased keyboard loop and dancing bass line. An omen for what can be expected in the releases to come. Comfort, with its dreamy, lurching percussion, is a turn inwards. We’re all searching for comfort at this moment in time, this one might be a perfect soundtrack for those of you who find comfort in gentle keyboards and light percussion. Cosmic Mood continues with the percussive grooves. Throw in some lush pads, spaced flutes and the sound of birdsong, and you’ll be put into some sort of Cosmic Mood yourself. Finally, the EP fades out to a sunrise over the mountains overlooking Los Angeles, California. Picture yourself on the top of a parking garage, one of the many in LA, perhaps after a long night out (remember those?) watching the sun come up. Sunrise Over LA gently hits refresh on your day, and brings this first Reality Refresh EP to its natural conclusion.

The Green Kingdom — Shinrin-yoku (COVID-19, EP, 2020) — Charitable fundraising has been hit very hard by the COVID-19 so as part of #TwoPointSixChallenge we plan to release 26 free download/pay as much as you can afford Ep or albums on our Bandcamp page over the coming weeks. 100% income being donated to charities. All proceeds from this EP go to Unicef


растадабы июля: Papa Dee — The Red Hut Sessions (Red Hut Studios, 2020), Paolo Baldini DubFiles & Dubblestandart — Dub Me Crazy (Echo Beach, 2020), Pitch Black — The Light Within (Dubmission Records, 2020), The Senior Allstars — Elated & Related (Echo Beach, 2020), Tubby Isiah – Rising High (Moonshine Recordings. 2020), Rebelution — Dub Collection (Easy Star Records, 2020), Flying Vipers — Cuttings (Music A.D.D., 2020), Luciano – The Answer (Oneness Records, 2020), Rootz Underground — Red Gold Green (Thunderground Music, 2020), Chezidek — Hello Africa (Tad’s Record, 2020), Anthony B — King In My Castle (Born Fire Music, 2020), C. Jones, Ale X — Kalimba Is My Telephone in Dub (Echo Beach, 2020), Dre Z — Coming Home (Go A Chant Productions, 2020), Luv Militia — Youths Not Children (Luv Militia, 2020), Principal’s — Treacherous Dub (Stereo Royal, 2020), Ziggy Marley — Bob Marley 75th Celebration (Pt.1) (Live) (Universal Music Enterprises, 2020), The Hazardous Dub Company — Hazardous Dub Vol.2 (Acid Jazz UK, 2020)

SPC ECO — July EP (2020) — очередной, жаркий. Website

Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – To Know Without Knowing (Agogo Records, 2020) — Like many great jazz originals liberated by the idiom’s openness to all manner of borrowings and hybrids, the Ethiopian multi-instrumentalist and composer Mulatu Astatke created a new sound by unlikely alchemy – between the Latin grooves and jazz-rock wah-wah guitars he heard as a student in the States in the 60s, and the wide-interval modes and fluid rhythms of his homeland’s ancient traditions. Astatke’s seductive “Ethio-jazz” fusions have made him a global-jazz star since his rediscovery after midlife obscurity by French producer Francis Falceto in the late 1990s.

Lisa Marini — Born in Tribes (2020) — Lisa Marini is mixed-race Londoner with a deep, dark, silkily prowl of a voice that conjures an intoxicating cocktail of Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt and Amy Winehouse. Born in Tribes is her debut album and the first full studio recordings since her 2014 EP, From The Bedroom Den. Opening with the spooked mood and desert-dry resonator guitar of Piece By Peace which deals with breaking yourself down and reassembling, a rebirth from destruction (“the mud I bathe in hides/A cleansing done inside”), a theme that clearly draws on her background, growing up with a mentally-unstable mother, running away from home aged 12, living with addicts and her teenage years marked by shoplifting and getting wasted before turning her life around by returning to school and taking her GCSEs and going on to study at the London College of Printing. Music offered a means of escape, expiation and catharsis, and that comes through here.

Los Days feat. Tommy Guerrero & Josh Lippi — Singing Sands (Too Good, 2020) — Tommy Guerrero and Josh Lippi collaborate to form a new project Los Days with their new release Singing Sands, featuring the single “Twilight.” Outside of Joshua Tree National Park deep off the grid in Wonder Valley, California lies the House of the Rising Sun, a solar powered one room house surrounded only by the desert hills. It’s here where Tommy and Josh drove with a handful of guitars, minimal equipment and no songs. The desert would take care of that. Over a period of five days they created an album inspired by the environment and the singing sands that blew in the desert wind. Somewhere between meditation, spaghetti western and classic oldies, Singing Sands provides a soundtrack to an off the grid feeling, with a ride off into the sunset.

Lonnie Holley (Lonnie Bradley Holley) — Lonnie Holley was born into poverty in Jim Crow Alabama 70 years ago and released his first album the same year as Death Grips. There is no other recording artist about whom that sentence could be written, just as there is no other recording artist who could have created “I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America”, Holley’s surrealist fever-dream of a signature song and the centerpiece of his remarkable 2018 album, MITH. Listening to Holley’s winding, unclassifiable music often feels like peering into some forbidden wisdom that can’t quite be contained within the limited parameters of recorded music—which makes sense, since music was never Holley’s first language as an artist. He was, for decades, primarily known as a sculptor and visual artist; his outsider artwork has made its way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other prestigious museums.

The Midnight — Monsters (Counter Records, 2020) — изврунета: «Новый альбом «Моnstеrs» американского проекта Тhе Мidnight, ставший третьим в их дискографии. Тhе Мidnight — это образованный в 2012 году электронный дуэт, состоящий из Тim МсЕwаn и Туlеr Lуlе, базирующийся в Лос-Анджелесе, Калифорния. Часто помимо них самих в записи их альбомом принимают участие приглашенные музыканты, такие как саксофонист Тhоmаs Еdingеr, гитарист Jоhаnnеs Jоrgеnsеn, клавишник Маds Stоrm, вокалистка Nikki Flоrеs и многие другие. У проекта очень стильная, ретроспективная музыка, попадающая под такие определения как rеtrоwаvе и sуnthwаvе. Стоит отметить, что их стиль в настоящее время свойственен молодым калифорнийским группам, которые в своем творчестве все чаще обращаются к ретроспективе, здесь можно говорить о своеобразной тенденции или моде на такой саунд. Участники Тhе Мidnight черпают вдохновение в звуке ретро-синтезаторов и той неповторимой, футуристично-сказочной атмосфере, которая доминировала в культуре, кинематографе и, особенно, в музыке 80’х годов.»

Nick Mulvey – Begin Again [EP] (Fiction, 2020) — Following on from the release of his 2019 standalone single ‘In The Anthropocene’, a track which was pressed onto vinyl made from recycled ocean plastic washed up and reclaimed from UK beaches, Nick Mulvey has now returned to announce the details behind a brand new EP. The new three-song collection ‘Begin Again’ is being previewed by the newly unveiled title-track, which was written in response to the current global pandemic, and is set to be released on the 5th June via Fiction Records. Speaking about his latest offering, he said, “I see chaos but I also see the opportunity for a new world, and a more beautiful one. We are living through an incredible shift. The old ways are dying, right before our very eyes. In a way, my songs are songs of the new ways coming through.”

Hello Meteor — Pictures of Islands (Evergreen Prefecture, 2020) — 梅雨寒

SoKo — Feel Feelings (Babycat Records, 2020) — из врунета: «Соко представляет свой третий полноформатный студийный альбом, получивший название «Fееl Fееlings», выпущенный 10 июля 2020 года на лейбле Ваbусаt Rесоrds. SоКо — Стэфани Александра Мина Соколински (фр. Stерhаniе Аlехаndrа Мinа Sоkоlinski; р. 22 октября 1985, Бордо, Франция) — французская певица и актриса. Наибольшую известность приобрела благодаря своему синглу «I»ll Кill Неr», вышедшему в 2007 году и альбому «Му Drеаms Diсtаtе Му Rеаlitу». Соколински родилась в Бордо. Она использует ник Соко с тех пор, как помнит себя. Она ушла из дома в 16 лет, бросив школу и уехав в Париж, где проучилась на курсах у Евы Сен-Поль (Еvа St Раul) около года. Затем она несколько раз пыталась возобновить обучение в школе, но скоро ей это надоело. Позже она появилась в нескольких французских фильмах и начала писать песни. Первое время Соко исполняла фолк и рок, позже перейдя в пост-панк направленность, выпустив альбом «Му Drеаms Diсtаtе Му Rеаlitу» созвучный музыке Тhе Сurе, Durаn Durаn и Jараn. Однако вскоре она выработала свой собственный стиль.»

Brian Eno & Roger Eno — Mixing Colours [Expanded Edition] (Deutsche Grammophon, 2020) — In a storied and kaleidoscopic career which has seen him change the course of music several times, it is fair to say that British musician, producer and visual artist, Brian Eno has never been one to park himself in the same spot for too long. It will come as little surprise then, that his latest effort, in collaboration with his younger brother, pianist and de-composer Roger Eno, titled Mixing Colours finds him inhabiting a seemingly known but vastly different space altogether.

Yo La Tengo – We Have Amnesia Sometimes (Matador, 2020) — Earlier this week, Yo La Tengo launched a new Bandcamp page and shared a five-minute track called “James and Ira demonstrate mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday).” They continued to release a new song each day and, now, they’ve shared a fifth track titled “Ira searches for the slide, sort of (Friday).” The band has compiled all of the songs into one release called We Have Amnesia Sometimes. Listen below. Yo La Tengo recorded the five tracks over the course of 10 days in late April and early May during socially distanced sessions at the band’s rehearsal space in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Rodolphe Burger — Environs (Dernière bande, 2020) — This sixth solo album by Rodolphe Burger succeeds Good, and the important tour that followed, concluded with the release of the double album Good Alive. This record, presented by Rodolphe Burger as the «freest» of his career, was recorded in his studio Klein Leberau located in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines in Alsace, with Christophe Calpini and Sarah Murcia, companions of his last Good tour, and mixed by Luc Tytgat, the «historical» engineer of Kat Onoma. The album features fourteen tracks including four covers : Sam Cooke’s lost and Lookin’, Grant Lee Buffalo’s Fuzzy, Jamaican Ba Ba Boum, and can’s Mushroom. From rock steady to Schubert – of which Burger also sings two lieders from the Winterreise — this album is not forbidden, guided only by a principle of good pleasure. For this free musical pilgrimage, Rodolphe Burger invited several guests, including Bertrand Belin for two tracks, the young group Grimaçe for redanser sur can, the voices of Julia Dorner and Hugues Reip, musicians friends Arnaud Dieterlen and Philippe Poirier. The album concludes with a duet version of Kat Onoma’s bedroom with singer Christophe.

Kaboom Karavan — The Log and the Leeway (Miasmah Recordings, 2020) — The Log and the Leeway follows a 6 year journey of personal exploration and drastic change for Bram Bosteels and his singular Kaboom Karavan universe. What entails is a sound-curiosity of rare format, following a metamorphosis that goes beyond the musical. Early in the process, Bram was struck by the word/concept of a Leeway : the gradual departure from an intented course due to external influences. Following a boyish fascination for explorers travel journals, logbooks and the far fetched corners of the world, he could not have forseen how fitting of a title he had chosen. Drastically all of a sudden one day, completely unexpectedly, Bram experienced his own father dying in front of him from a rare disease. Shocked and confused by this intense encounter, his perspectives and musical course departed from its original path. But at the same time it was an enlightenment and a necessary influence for him to realise the initial idea and finish this album, started over half a decade before.

Fred und Luna – Im Weltenraum (Compost – CPT5703, 2020) — Space music of an outstanding and extraordinary kind: just as you would expect when two mannequins leave their boutique in Karlsruhe/Germany in their mind’s eye to go and see places where they haven’t been before. “Im Weltenraum”, how they call their new album, is Fred und Luna’s next step in their ever-changing series of “Elektrokraut/Krautelektro” music. A charming and fascinating voyage through an endless universe of phantasmagorial soundscapes, repetitive rhythms, catchy melodies and even a side trip to Acid House Land.

Seasick Steve – Love And Peace (Contagious, 2020) — Even the revelations that the man who was born in Oakland in 1941 or 1951 had been rather elastic with the truth, vis-à-vis his supposed hobo past and that he’d been the lead singer in French and Dutch disco bands, failed to tarnish his Seasick Steve character. The self-produced Love & Peace shows why. For all the tangled webs Wold/Leach has weaved, his music remains an earthly delight. Always consolidating, he sticks to his regular-man formula (there’s even a song called Regular Man): grizzled vocals, minimal backing that owes as much to Howlin’ Wolf as to White Stripes, and that sense that he’s strumming on your porch, right now.

Three Queens In Mourning / Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Hello Sorrow – Hello Joy (Textile, 2020) — Three Queens in Mourning first gathered in summit to sing celebration of the publication of Will Oldham’s book of collected lyrics, Songs of Love and Horror. «Alasdair Roberts (Appendix Out), Jill O’ Sullivan (Jill Lorean), and Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Alex Rex) each arrived provisioned with a small armful of selections nearest and dearest from Bonnie Prince Oldham’s far-reaching catalogue. Three Queens in Mourning’s takes on these tunes follow naturally from the fit between Will’s words and their threedistinctive voices. Alasdair Roberts’ sweet, guileless delivery of “Christmas Time in the Mountains” amplifiesthe lacerating quality of the lyric “we need an enemy / I’m saving all my rage for you”; even if at the outset of the song we’re told that “time is the enemy,” the abiding sentiment—the red-hot word that organizes my memory of the song—is rage.

Isobel Campbell – Voices In The Sky [EP] (Cooking Vinyl, 2020) — Limited Rough Trade album Exclusive — Available with copies of «There is No Other…» album purchased at in store performance at Rough Trade East on 7 Feb 2020. tracks 2 and 3 are covers other tracks may also be covers

Devendra Banhart – Vast Ovoid EP (Nonesuch Records, 2020)Devendra Banhart will release a four-song EP, Vast Ovoid, as a limited-edition 12” colored vinyl 45 on July 24, 2020. “Let’s See,” the second track from Vast Ovoid, is available today. Another EP track, a remix of Banhart’s “Love Song” by Helado Negro, was released in January. The vinyl is available to pre-order in Devendra Banhart’s Store and in the Nonesuch Store with an instant-download of those two tracks. The EP is a follow-up to Banhart’s latest studio album, Ma, which was released to critical acclaim in September 2019 and includes the original version of «Love Song.»

Foals – Collected Reworks Vol. 2 (Warner Music, 2020) — Foals share ‘Collected Reworks Vol. II’. A final volume in the series will be issued later this summer, before the highlights are compiled into the ‘Collected Reworks’ vinyl box set, which will be released on October 9th and is available to pre-order here. The vinyl box set will feature three 140 gram records pressed on yellow, green and pink vinyl and will be collated in a slipcase package.

Shadowdream — Jazz Soundtracks for Embalming (Epictronic, 2020) — Спустя четыре года Растко Перишич возвращается, чтобы представить новую и, по его словам, лучшую работу за свою музыкальную карьеру. Для создания особенной атмосферы Растко полностью окунулся в мир криминала и безумия: он изучал дела по зверским преступлениям, читал много литературы на эту тему и слушал истории тех людей, которые когда-то подверглись насилию. В итоге вышел действительно глубокий и мрачный звук, вдохновлённый реальными событиями. Сам музыкант очень гордится своим детищем и называет его «Фильмом без картинки». (E:\music\dark jazz)

Orkesta Mendoza — Curandero (Glitterbeat Records, 2020) — Border music without borders. Sergio Mendoza (a longtime member of Calexico) grew up on both sides of the US/Mexican frontier. On the band’s 3rd album, “Curandero,” his musical melding of that experience explodes from the speakers.

I Am No Hero — Nights of Wonder (1002093 Records DK, 2020)i am no hero is a post-rock band from Athens, Greece. i am no hero are: Tasos Moulatsiotis, Thanassis Vassiliou, Giorgos Moulatsiotis.

Daniel Blumberg — On&On (Mute, 2020) — On&On is a consolidation of the deconstructed song aesthetic he has developed, operating at the intersection between conventional song structures and free improvisation. Now he takes this further, incorporating recurring, shape-shifting motifs and at times dissolving the boundaries between songs altogether.

Bright Eyes — Mariana Trench (Dead Oceans, 2020) — It’s been almost ten years since Bright Eyes last performed a show together (in Honolulu on 11/21/2011), but tonight they’re back together – with some additional friends – to play their brand new single “Mariana Trench” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Today’s single release comes with details of the band’s long awaited tenth album, and first since 2011, Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was, to be released on Dead Oceans on August 21st.

Atli Orvarsson — You Are Here (INNI, 2020) — Raised in the small town of Akureyri in the north of Iceland, Atli Örvarsson relocated to Los Angeles early on to pursue a career in composition. There, Atli worked extensively alongside prolific TV veteran Mike Post and Hollywood legend Hans Zimmer, which launched his career leading him to score over 40 films and countless TV shows.

Aging — Sentenced To Love (Gizeh Records, 2020) — Directly influenced by the film noir tradition and the hardboiled detective novels of yesteryear, Aging craft gloom heavy mood music that aspires to create a cinema without image. ‘Sentenced To Love’ is the pinnacle of the band’s work.


растабады августа: Gaudi – 100 Years of Theremin (The Dub Chapter) (Dubmission Records, 2020), Ras Muhamad — Satryo (Oneness Records, 2020), Mungo’s Hi Fi & Marina P — Soul Radio (Scotch Bonnet Record, 2020), KMFDM – In Dub (Metropolis Records, 2020), The Wailers — One World (Sony Music Latin, 2020), Аквариум (& Lee Scratch Perry \ Левша) — Аквариум in Dub (2020), Tarrus Riley — Healing (JukeBoxx Productions, 2020), Skip Marley — Higher Place (Island Records, 2020), Renegade Connection — Politicians Protesters & Thieves (The Sound of Sinners, 2020), Lee «Scratch» Perry — Alien Starman (Burning Sounds, 2020), Wailing Souls — Back A Yard (VP Records, 2020), Echo Minott & DJ Air Afrique — Man A Do Road (Air Afrique Records & Napem Records, 2020)

Cindy – Free Advice (Paisley Shirt Records, 2020) — San Francisco’s dreamy, droney Cindy will release their debut Free Advice on a run of vinyl for Mt.St.Mtn. in conjunction with Paisley Shirt Records (who released the original cassette, as well as the cassette version of Tiny Shapes by R.E. Seraphin).

SPC ECO — August EP (2020)  — очередной месячный релиз Website

Sagor & Swing ‎– En musikalisk tolkning av Bröderna Lejonhjärta (Zeon Light, 2020) — Detta är Sagor & Swings sjätte album i ordningen och denna gång bjuder orkestern på en musikalisk tolkning av Astrid Lindgrens tidlösa historia om Bröderna Lejonhjärta. Det rör sig alltså om ljudliga utflykter kring en bok, på klassiskt Bo Hansson-manér! Bröderna Lejonhjärta har flera kompositörer och musiker genom åren tagit sig an, Björn Isfält var nog först ut och hans version är ikonisk, i en klass för sig, och Sagor & Swings tolkning är tänkt som en hommage till Isfält. Det finns ett flertal blinkningar, små ljudliga hälsningar till den mästerliga föregångaren.

Steve Von Till – No Wilderness Deep Enough (Neurot Recordings, 2020) — Over the course of recent time, an aching, growing void has developed where our normal way of life has resided. Uncertainty abounds, and Steve Von Till’s No Wilderness Deep Enough provides a voice of existential wisdom and experience to offer comfort and perspective in an era of uncharted territory. These six pieces of music shape a hallucinatory landscape of sound that plumbs the depths of the natural world’s mysteries and uncertainties—questions that have vexed humanity since the dawn of time asked anew amidst a backdrop that’s as haunting as it is holistic.

Teen Daze — Reality Refresh 2 (Flora, EP, 2020) — The second release in Teen Daze’s «Reality Refresh» series continues down the path that the first one set up: meditative rhythms give way to soft grooves; field recordings and nature sounds blend into gentle melodies and textures.

Ruby Haunt — Tiebreaker (Ruby Haunt, 2020) — Earlier this week, Ruby Haunt released their fifth full-length album, titled Tiebreaker. Since 2015, the Los Angeles based duo – made up of Wyatt Innis (vocals, lyrics) and Viktor Pakpour (composition, production) – have captured complex emotions through their beautifully produced EPs and albums, each with their own individual aura; it’s energy emanates from the moment you lock eyes with the album cover, always displaying a place you’re not entirely sure exists – a church in the snow with a neon-red cross shining into the night, an expanse of road surrounded by trees at the peak of dusk, and as is the case for Tiebreaker, a small white house with the lights on in the middle of nowhere, an old white Ford parked alongside to match. There’s a similar bright haziness and addictive uncertainty within the tracks, almost as if time – or perhaps, reality – is challenged during their duration, no matter if the tone embraces dream pop, new wave, or something in between.

Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire — Four Quarters of Love and Modern Lash (Another Moon, 2020)  — Another Moon is pleased to present the release of the second collaborative album by Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat and Paul St Hilaire aka Tikiman entitled 4 Quarters of Love and Modern Lash.

Will Johnson – El Capitan (Keeled Scales, 2020) — A few words from Will about the album: “These things started years ago at a friends dining room table in Oregon. They built up on desert drives, in hotel bathrooms, in casino bars, and on trail runs. They mortared together into something sensible (to me) over time. Some songs are quite old, and some are pandemic-new. It feels like we’re at the mercy of nature now more than ever, and the quiet of this time seemed right enough to make this record. I took a hundred dollar Stella guitar to my friend, Britton’s. We spent 3 days, distanced, building, avoiding old habits, drinking Tecates, and moving steadily. Our friends Thor and Lindsey contributed beautifully, from afar. There’s tape hiss and imperfections, and expected joy in the act of making something new.”

The Heliocentrics – Telemetric Sounds (Madlib Invazion, 2020) — albums are all confounding pieces of work. Drawing equally from the funk universe of James Brown, the disorienting asymmetry of Sun Ra, the cinematic scope of Ennio Morricone, the sublime fusion of David Axelrod, Pierre Henry’s turned-on musique concrète, and Can’s beat-heavy Krautrock, they have – regardless of the label on which they’ve released their music – pointed the way towards a brand new kind of psychedelia, one that could only come from a band of accomplished musicians who were also obsessive music fans. Drummer Malcolm Catto and bassist Jake Ferguson are the Heliocentrics’ masterminds and producers, and they are obsessive weirdos in today’s musical climate, searching, progressive humans who are often out-of-time with current trends.

Marissa Nadler – Moons [EP] (2020) — These songs are hopefully relaxing to you.

Black Marble – I Must Be Living Twice [EP] (Sacred Bones Records, 2020) — из врунета: «новый ЕР проекта из Бруклина Вlасk Маrblе (Черный Мрамор) для всех ценителей ностальгического пост-панк-саунда в духе Jоу Divisiоn, приправленного колдвейвом, шугейзом и винтаж-синтом. Первоначально проект был основан в 2011-м году Крисом Стюартом и Тай Кьюбом, однако в 2016-м Тай Кьюб покинул проект и с тех пор Стюарт работает один. Британская газета Тhе Оbsеrvеr уделила Вlасk Маrblе целую статью, где расхвалила на все лады фразами: «саунд вне времени», «напоминают те золотые годы, когда панк полностью ещё не перешел в новую волну», «немного клаустрофобная, но уютная и романтическая музыка» и тд.«

Bill Frisell – Valentine (Blue Note Records, 2020) — изврунета: «Новый альбом обладателя Грэмми, легендарного гитариста и композитора Билла Фризелла. записанный с басистом Томасом Морганом и ударником Руди Ройстон. Билл Фризелл родился 18 марта 1951 года в Балтиморе, а детство провел в Денвере, штат Колорадо. Его отец тоже был музыкантом — он играл на тубе и контрабасе и очень хотел, чтобы сын, если уж ему суждено идти по стопам отца, стал кларнетистом. Тот поначалу не возражал. Момент истины для юноши наступил, когда он услышал Пола Баттерфилда, Майка Блумфилда, Би Би Кинга и еще троих музыкантов, которые стали его кумирами на долгие годы, — Джими Хендрикса, Уэса Монтгомери и Джима Холла. Непредсказуемость первого, элегантность второго и глубина третьего позже слились в одно целое в собственной манере Фризелла. Возможно, он стал первым джазовым гитаристом, который наглядно продемонстрировал, что играть энергичнее — это вовсе не значит играть быстрее. Что бы он ни играл, он делает все звуки своими — чуть флегматично-ностальгическими и несущими смысл в каждой отдельной ноте. Ничего лишнего — его девиз остается неизменным.»

Sylvie Simmons – Blue On Blue (Compass Records, 2020) — Sylvie Simmons didn’t plan on spending six years between albums when the noted rock writer brought out her debut LP, Sylvie, in 2014. Fate, however, had other ideas. After her first day of recording for her sophomore effort, Simmons was in an accident that left her with nerve damage and lots of broken bones, which kept her from using her left hand. It took plenty of time and therapy before she was able to play well enough to finish the project, and 2020’s Blue on Blue sounds and feels a bit different than her first album.

Sky Civilian — Floating in a Dream (Atomnation – ATM083, 2020) — American producer Maggie Thornton a.k.a. Sky Civilian returns with «Floating in a Dream», a new track that marks her 4th release on Atomnation. Maggie’s productions bridge many sonic worlds (pop, techno, house), but always land with an air of softness and warmth. She combines a brass-inspired, synth-forward approach with her weightless, almost-whispered vocals (the beatless finale of Floating in a Dream is as beautiful as it gets..).

Vladislav Delay / Sly Dunbar / Robbie Shakespeare – 500-Push-Up (Sub Rosa, 2020) — Finnish dub-techno abstractionist Vladislav Delay first encountered the world’s greatest rhythm section, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, when Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær invited him and guitarist Eivind Aarset to join them for a series of jam sessions and performances. Nordub, an icy but earthy fusion of reggae, jazz, blues, and ambient textures, was mixed and co-produced by Delay and released by Okeh Records in 2018.

Foreign Fields – Light On Your Face (Renewed) x Don’t Give Up (Renewed) [Single] (2020) — The first comes from Bon Iver’s S. Carey who worked on ‘Light On Your Face (Renewed) and the second is courtesy of Finnish/Japanese composer Jukio Kallio, who has brought his distinctive style to ‘Don’t Give Up (Renewed)’. In his version of ‘Light On Your Face’, fellow Wisconsinite S. Carey has stripped away all of the original’s guitar parts, replacing them with lilting synths, heavily layered vocals and shuffling percussion, while Kallio’s ‘Don’t Give Up (Renewed)’, is a 7 minute long synth bass-driven ball of energy that only retains the original’s vocals and the occasional snippet of acoustic guitar.

Bright Eyes – Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was (Dead Oceans, 2020) — This — [gestures broadly] — is happening, and Conor Oberst is singing over a “Hotline Bling”-type beat. The uncanny moment occurs almost halfway through Bright Eyes’ 10th album, Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was. “The world went down in flames and man-made caves,” the beloved Omaha bandleader sings on “Pan and Broom,” backed by the sort of rudimentary drum-machine clicks that powered Drake’s world-conquering 2015 smash. Though the musical setting is contemporary, the message is familiar for Bright Eyes, with lyrics that are as personal as they are apocalyptic. In between a push down the stairs and a flight to Tulum, Oberst’s narrator uses the titular pan and broom to sweep up his dreams.

Dean & Britta — Quarantine Tapes (Not On Label, 2020) — These tracks were recorded during April-May-June 2020, some in the home studio, others are taken direct from livestream performances. Mixed by Britta Phillips, mastered by Adam Boose. Painting by Brian Calvin, layout by John Conley.

Logan Farmer — Still No Mother (Western Vinyl, 2020) — On Still No Mother, the Colorado-based songwriter processes and explores climate change anxiety using the framework of the American folk song. The album grew from an initial concept of imagining the songs farmhands will sing when their acreage has dried up or burned, and rising sea levels begin engulfing the coasts—not unlike those sung by Woody Guthrie during the devastation of the Dust Bowl. While much art on this subject focuses on external imagery like glacial melt or wildfires, Farmer instead points his writing inward to examine the human mind’s relationship to this impending reality, and the psychological burdens therein. The resulting ambient-folk suite places his earnest croon within a mosaic of orchestral strings, distant piano, and well-placed flutters of electronics, which emerge like artifacts in the rubble of the dusty future his lyrics depict.

Kelly Lee Owens — Inner Song (Smalltown Supersound, 2020) — изврунета: «Второй полноформатный студийный альбом валлийской певицы, электронного музыканта и продюсера Келли Ли Оуэнс (Кеllу Lее Оwеns), получивший название «Innеr Sоng» и выпущенный 28 августа 2020 года на лейбле Smаlltоwn Suреrsоund. Одна из песен альбома была записана с известным музыкантом Джоном Кейлом, основателем американской группы Тhе Vеlvеt Undеrgrоund. / На своем новом альбоме «Innеr Sоng» Келли Ли Оэунс покидает среду электронной поп-музыки и уверенно движется в сторону техно-шедевров: отклоняясь от саунд-артистических экспериментов, она дает волю ритму и не стесняется пробовать себя в по-настоящему новых для себя жанрах. За последние годы имя Келли Ли Оуэнс в анонсах концертов и фестивалей стало своего рода показателем качества, открыло двери не только в закулисье «больших» исполнителей, но и в мир серьезной ответственности, работы и нескончаемых гастролей. Если первый альбом «Кеllу Lее Оwеns» окунался в эзотерические мотивы, «Innеr Sоng» приветствует красоту окружающей природы — в смысле более абстрактном, но не менее тяготеющим к природным истокам.»

Bob Moses – Desire (Domino, 2020) — New York-founded, Vancouver-grown, Los Angeles-based duo Bob Moses found their musical niche early on: smooth, gloomy synth-pop with subtly driving beats, a balancing act between richly indulgent melancholy and tight grooves that speaks to the members’ backgrounds, Tom Howie’s in rock and Jimmy Vallance’s in trance. Thus far, it’s been successful, the Bob Moses sound technically polished, emotionally resonant, and reasonably catchy.

Stefano Meli — Stray Dogs (Viceversa Records, 2020)Mi fa piacere ritornare a scrivere in occasione dell’uscita di Stray Dogs, nuovo lavoro di Stefano Meli che avevo conosciuto, seppur solo musicalmente, tre anni fa in occasione del suo album No Human Dream: un disco che, pur ricco negli arrangiamenti, avevo definito di una semplicità disarmante.

Foreign Fields – Terrible Times (Reprise) (Renewed) / The Beauty Of Survival (Renewed) [Single] (2020) — All income generated via Bandcamp from these two songs will be donated to Equal Justice Initiative. The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. You can find out more at


растадабы: Dubvisionist — PFL Dubsessions (Echo Beach, 2020), Dr. Israel — In Dub (Echo Beach, 2020), Dub Spencer & Trance Hill — Guns of Brixton (Manasseh Dub Remixes) (Echo Beach, 2020), Dubment — Dubment (Echo Beach, 2020), Roots And Tings — All of This (Truth’s Sound, 2020), The 18th Parallel — Wonderland of Green (Riddim) (Fruits Records, 2020), Ziggy Marley — More Family Time (Tuff Gong Worldwide, 2020), Congo Natty, Fikir Amlak — Congo Natty Meetz Fikir Amlak (Congo Natty Records, 2020), Dub Spencer & Trance Hill — Tumultus II (Hybrid Records, 2020), Arkaingelle — Nah Watah Down (Zion High Productions, 2020), Jah Nool — Aventurier (iMD-JahNoolMusic, 2020), Judah Eskender Tafari — Divine Right (Black Redemption Productions, 2020),

36 — Wave Variations (Past Inside the Present, 2020) — Past Inside The Present is pleased to announce ‘Wave Variations’ which is a new mini-album by veteran ambient producer Dennis Huddleston AKA 36. 36 has often enjoyed exploring self-imposed restrictions, as it forces him to be creative, while allowing an inherently coherent sound between the different compositions. All the arrangements on Wave Variations use a limited pallete of mostly synth-based sounds, with particular focus on keys and melodies. Each track directly influenced the next one.

SPC ECO – Sept Soundtrack (2020) — Can You Feel The World Soundtrack features various sound design pieces and excerpts Rose and I have recorded over the years, previously used for Rose’s numerous exhibitions and installations. The track listing for songs as they appear in sequence are Catch The Moon — Can You Feel The Noise — Light Bursting — Just Don’t Know — Too Sick To Carry On. We see it as a soundtrack to a film we’d like to make for 2020. This recording can be listened to as a whole piece or individual tracks, the choice is yours. Ideal whilst painting — writing or for drifting off into a world of your own making.

Soundwalk Collective And Patti Smith – Peradam (Bella Union, 2020) — The sounds of Himalayan winds, sacred mantras and water rippling in the holy river Ganges, invite us to Peradam, the transcendent album by Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith. After albums devoted to Antonin Artaud (The Peyote Dance) and Arthur Rimbaud (Mummer Love), Peradam takes as it’s entry point René Daumal’s early 1940s novel Mount Analogue: a Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing, in which the French writer, critic and poet mapped a metaphysical journey to «the ultimate symbolic mountain» in search of meaning. In it, Daumal introduced the idea of the «peradam», a rare, crystalline stone harboring profound truths that is only visible to seekers on a true spiritual path. Featuring guests including Anoushka Shankar, Tenzin Choegal and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Peradam is the «the final stone» in The Perfect Vision triptych. Collectively they evoke and explore the sainted spaces of thought and creativity opened by the three French writers and poets.

Tangents – Timeslips (Temporary Residence Ltd., 2020) — Enigmatic Australian ensemble Tangents return with a new studio album two years after the release of New Bodies. The Australian Music Prize-nominated New Bodies thrust Tangents’ peculiar blend of furious improvisation and precision production into the international spotlight. More tension and intention pervade Tangents’ fourth album, Timeslips, demonstrating a thoughtful maturation of spontaneous ideas and more deliberately abstract assembly. With breathtaking, rhythmic drumming and adept production driving the various moods, Timeslips emerges from greater live performance and carefully constructed compositions. The brittle skittering mallets of “Exaptation,” raucous guitar of “Debris,” and processed trumpet of “Vessel” add new timbres to their existing palette of jazz drums, melancholy piano, throbbing cello and swirling glitched ambience. Mostly recorded in a single day, just before guitarist Sia Ahmad left the band, only the bravest, most intense moments from the original session remain intact on Timeslips. The tonal rumble of a 100-carriage coal train winding through New South Wales’ Bylong Valley signals the album’s slow close, recalling Tangents’ earlier references to the Australian environment on New Bodies and Stateless.

Bill Callahan – Gold Record (Drag City, 2020) — из врунета: «7-й сольный (и 18-й в целом в дискографии) студийник американского певца и автора песен Билла Каллахана, чей стиль не имеет чёткого определения и его могут относить к самым разным жанрам от авторской песни и альтернативного фолка, до инди, лоу-фай-рока и авангарда. Тhе Guаrdiаn и Nеw Yоrk Тimеs пишут о нём, отмечая в его творчестве необычность, тонкий юмор и проницательность. Каллахан обрёл популярность уже на относительно позднем этапе своей карьеры, когда начал сотрудничество с лейблом Drаg Сitу, до этого он был скорее «богемным» исполнителем не слишком известным широкому кругу людей.«

Grant-Lee Phillips – Lighting, Show Us Your Stuff (Yep Roc Records, 2020) — At face value I’ve never known how succesful Grant Lee Phillips has been across his long and varied career. His albums always get favourable reviews in the ‘heavy hitting’ music media; and the three albums I already own are all easily on a par with with anything I own by his contemporaries; yet I don’t think I know anyone else who owns them; and he hardly ever, if ever at all gets mentioned in Top 10’s or essays by esteemed and knowledgeable journalist types.

VA – Angelheaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan & T. Rex (BMG, 2020) — In the often lamentable field of multi-artist tribute albums, no one put together better or more interesting ones than the late Hal Willner. While Willner had a real gift for matching artists to material, his real talent was the juxtaposition of diverse talents under one tent (1985’s Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill is the only album where you’ll find Sting, John Zorn, and Johnny Adams in the same place), and finding imaginative ways to link the material (using the recitations of Ken Nordine to bookend 1989’s Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films). More than just a bunch of folks covering songs from the same artist or genres, Willner’s projects were ALBUMS, using their diverse ingredients to create something more than the sum of the parts.

Foreign Fields – Terrible Times (Renewed) / Rose Colored (Renewed) [Single] (2020)Website

Elysian Fields — Transience Of Life (Microcultures, 2020) — изврунета: «новый альбом нью-йоркской группы, а точнее, образованного в 1995-м году дуэта Еlуsiаn Fiеlds, состоящего из обладательницы «таинственного» вокала Дженнифер Чарльз и гитариста Орен Блодоу. Еlуsiаn Fiеlds впитали в себя всё лучшее из местного рок- и джаз-авангарда, создав свой собственный оригинальный стиль. Их музыка не то чтобы легка и воздушна, но очень даже местами душевна, а тексты довольно свежи. Их стиль критики описывают не только устоявшимися понятиями типа арт-рок, но и таким специфическим словечком как рок-нуар.«

Kaleida — Odyssey (Lex Records, 2020) — изврунета: ««Электронный дуэт Каlеidа из Лондона, состоящий из Кристины Вуд и Сесили Гулдер представляет свой второй полноформатный альбом, получивший название «Оdуssеу». Этот английский электропоп-проект был создан в 2013 году. Каlеidа выпустили свой дебютный ЕР «Тhink» в 2015 году, заглавная песня с которого появилась на саундтреке к боевику «Jоhn Wiсk». Участниц дуэта познакомил общий интернет-друг. В то время Вуд работала на Борнео, а Гулдер трудилась в киноиндустрии. С 2013 до конца 2014 года дуэт выпустил несколько пробных демо-версий песен и снял одно музыкальное видео. Вскоре с Каlеidа подписал контракт лейбл Lех Rесоrds. В том же году Каlеidа привлекли внимание всего мира своей композиции «Тhink», включенной в саундтрек фильма «Jоhn Wiсk», где минималистичная структура песни особенно контрастировала с жестокими сценами, в которых она играла. С тех пор дуэт нашел себе массу поклонников.»«

Naujawanan Baidar — Naujawanan Baidar (Radio Khiyaban, 2020) — European distribution copies of the Naujawanan Baidar double-LP reissue on Feeding Tube Records (US) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK). This compilation includes both Volume 1 and Volume 2, remastered by Chris Hardman and spread across two records housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring new artwork by N.R. Safi.

Polynation – Wildeburg / Coral (Atomnation, 2020) — With signature acoustic drums, synthwork, breakbeats, and soundscapes, Polynation offers a highly spirited electronic 3-track EP with hints of trance, electronica, and krautrock. The opening track Wildeburg is an 8-minute piece that moves in all directions, yet it feels like one cohesive work: a melancholic homage to the festival fields. Coral, the b-side of the release, is split into two parts. The first version continues where Wildeburg left off, eventually concluding with a beautiful synth-led anticlimax. The second part of Coral is a modest, alternative take of the original mix.

This Valley Of Old Mountains – This Valley Of Old Mountains (12k, 2020) — This Valley Of Old Mountains quietly creates the folklore of an imaginary land. From a hemisphere apart, Taylor Deupree and Federico Durand share simple sounds with complex stories. Their music balances an edge between translucency and exploration, focusing on obscurity, repetition and a shared fascination of the mountains between them.

Christopher Bissonnette – Wayfinding (12k, 2020) — Wayfinding is Christopher Bissonnette’s sixth solo studio release and his first, of hopefully many, for 12k. The album embodies an evolution of Bissonnette’s work, moving from an exclusively synth-based series of explorations to an amalgam of electronics and acoustic methods. Each track seeks to find grandeur on a diminutive scale. Bissonnette’s focus has shifted from sweeping pastoral drones to introspective passages with delicate melody and elusive harmonies interlaced with studio and field recordings. This minute scale is also reflected in a photographic series that studies the domestic landscape of home. The sequence of images transforms the banality and insignificance of the familial interior into expansive vistas and bucolic panoramas. Wayfinding is Bissonnette’s most intimate and gauzy work to date and executed with beautiful restraint.

Luke Elliot — The Big Wind (Impress Records, 2020) — Luke Elliot’s evocatively titled sophomore album, The Big Wind, is a barometer of these turbulent times. These songs have to do with a pull to come into a stable existence. While writing them, I had no permanent residence, but I stopped being a mess, I met my wife, and I scrambled to get this record done, the New Jersey-based artist reveals. Everybody has to grow up some time.The Big Wind, is a boldly textured and instantly immersive album with a noir-ish touch that is simultaneously sleek and modern at the eye of the storm. Luke was born and raised in New Jersey but is currently residing in Oslo, Norway where he has garnered favorable comparisons to roots, folk, and rock icons such as Hank Williams, Big Joe Turner, Bob Dylan, PJ Harvey, and Nick Cave.

Hello Meteor — The Turn After a Storm (Evergreen Prefecture, 2020) — A passing storm, impermanent and enduring, uncovers forever-revisions to the Earth below and unchanged azure above.

Work Drugs — A Matter of Degrees (2020) — recorded on holiday 2019, finally released in 2020. Из врунета: «Wоrk Drugs представляют свой новый полноформатный альбом «А Маttеr оf Dеgrееs». Как и большинство их предыдущих работ, он вдохновлен музыкой периода от 60’х до 80’х годов, и представляет собой прекрасный «фон» к длинному летнему вечеру, когда вы отдыхаете в мечтательном настроении вдали от забот. Ретровейв, синтвейв, чиллвейв и дрим-поп в одном флаконе. / Wоrk Drugs — американский дрим-поп дуэт из Филадельфии, основанный Томасом Кристаллом (Тhоmаs Сrуstаl) (вокал, гитара) и Бенджамином Луизиана (Веnjаmin Lоuisiаnа) (вокал, клавишные). В настоящее время на живых выступлениях состав группы расширяется ударником Джонасом Охом, басистом Мr. Каnsаs Сitу и вокалисткой Кэти Никс. Wоrk Drugs много гастролировали и принимали участие практически во всех значимых музыкальных фестивалях в Соединенных Штатах, часто дают живые выступления по всей Северной Америке в таких городах, как Бостон, Нью-Йорк, Чикаго и Сан-Франциско.»

Joshua James And Reesa James – Dreams Of Karen (MTN Recordings, 2020) — is an American singer-songwriter currently based out of American Fork, Utah and Lincoln, Nebraska. face

Sufjan Stevens – The Ascension (Asthmatic Kitty, 2020) — из врунета: «Восьмой студийный альбом Суфьяна Стивенса, получивший название «Тhе Аsсеnsiоn». Альбому подшествовали релизы трех синглов: «Vidео Gаmе», «Sugаr» и «Аmеriса». Суфьян Стивенс (англ. Sufjаn Stеvеns; род. 1 июля 1975) — американский автор-исполнитель и мультиинструменталист, имеющий литовские и греческие корни. Его дебютный альбом «А Sun Саmе» вышел в 1999 году на лейбле Аsthmаtiс Кittу, который Стивенс вместе основал со своим отчимом. Широкую известность ему принес альбом «Illinоis», достигший первого места в чарте Вillbоаrd Тор Неаtsееkеrs. Он получил номинации на премии Оскар и Грэмми за композицию «Муstеrу оf Lоvе» из фильма «Зови меня своим именем» (2017). За свою музыкальную карьеру Стивенс выпустил альбомы разных стилей: от электронного «Еnjоу Yоur Rаbbit» и лоу-фай-фолка «Sеvеn Swаns» до оркестрового «Illinоis» и рождественского «Sоngs fоr Сhristmаs» с христианскими темами.»

A Certain Ratio — ACR Loco (Mute, 2020) — In December 1982, the post-punk group A Certain Ratio flew to New York for a two night residency at the notorious Danceteria nightclub. They had been warmly anticipated, being seen as the Anglo equivalent to the city’s then musical darlings Talking Heads. Both groups successfully took a functional approach to songwriting and fused African inspired drumming with urgent guitars and hypnotic wordplay. Both had recently covered soul and funk classics, and were known to dress a little smarter than the average street punks.

Diana Krall — This Dream Of You (Verve Records, 2020)Diana Krall reunited with Tommy LiPuma, the producer who worked with her for the first decade-and-a-half of her career, for Turn Up The Quiet, a 2017 album that found the pianist returning to the Great American Songbook interpretations that made her name. LiPuma died just before the release of Turn Up the Quiet, prompting Krall to fashion a quasi-tribute to her collaborator from the album’s leftovers. The ensuing This Dream of You is hushed and reserved, a leisurely stroll through quite familiar standards augmented by a version of Bob Dylan’s “This Dream of You,” a deep cut from his 2009 album Together Through Life.

Kraków Loves Adana – Darkest Dreams (Not On Label, 2020) — Kraków Loves Adana’s music stems from a place of introspection and escapism. Darkest Dreams, the pair’s fifth studio album, offers a closer look into a world where dreams and reality collide. With the new material, Kraków Loves Adana give meaning to exploring and embracing your own darkness and giving in to your darkest fantasies and desires — even if it means to lose yourself in the process. The synthesized arrangements paired with Deniz Çiçek’s contralto built an intriguing soundscape that draws from the singer’s own vivid dreams and nightmares. Recorded and produced over a span of two years by Çiçek in the duo’s own home studio in Hamburg, Germany, the ten songs offer a variety of guitar driven dream pop and dark wave with a melancholic edge.

Waveform Transmission — V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9 (Astral Industries, 2020) — Astral Industries dilate their portal to reveal another gorgeous ambient vision from Rod Modell & Chris Troy’s long running Waveform Transmission project. Extant since their 1996 CD, Waveform Transmission returned with a 2LP in 2017, and now allow further inspection of their alien ambient terraforming with the project’s immersive 3rd release. For 70 minutes the duo synch minds as spirit guides for the lushest trip thru alien underwater zones, feeling out unfathomable gamelan reverberations and diaphanous synth pads with a real synasethetic colour-sound appeal for those susceptible to such sensations. It’s patently some of Modell’s lushest, purest ambient work, with the romantic leanings of Chris Troy pulling the sound away from the dubbier obsessions of DeepChord.


растадабы октября: Sizzla — Million Times (Zabogaubhi Music, 2020), Soul Sindikate & Dub Trooper — Captain Vincent (Patch Work Production, 2020), Hjálmar — Yfir hafið (Record Records, 2020), Anthony Red Rose — Dancehall Culture (Dub Propulsion Records, 2020), Zenzile — Sound Patrol (Crash Disques, 2001), Ras Mykha — Diggin’ in the Vaults (Patate Records, 2020), Dubamix — Camarades (Self-Released, 2020), Dub Pistols — Addict (Sunday Best Recordings, 2020), Mad Professor — 40 Years of Dub (Ariwa Sounds Ltd., 2020), Mystic Revealers — Jah Jah People (Mystic Revealers JACAP, 2020), Brother Culture — 12 Lights (Evidence Music, 2020), Iration Steppas – Dubz From De Higher Regionz (Dubquake Records, 2020), Iration Steppas meet D. Rootical – Original Dub D.A.T. (Dubquake Records, 2020), Zé Bigode — Viva Dub! (Zé Bigode [dist. Tratore], 2020), Buju Banton – Blessed More Blessed (The Remixes) (Gargamel Music, 2020)

The Green Kingdom — Springhill (Hidden Vibes, 2020) — The Green Kingdom is Michael Cottone, based in Michigan. His compositions blur the line between soundscape and structure, utilizing a variety of processed acoustic and electronic sources, sampled textures and field recordings. ‘Springhill’ is a new album by The Green Kingdom, following releases on such labels as Dronarivm, Archives and Past Inside The Present.

Teen Daze – Reality Refresh 3 [EP] (2020) — Roll the windows down, and breathe in that cool ocean breeze. Another trip, another opportunity to hit refresh on your reality: Teen Daze returns with the third EP in his Reality Refresh series, filled with more light grooves, delicate guitar melodies and rolling percussion.

Sean Nicholas Savage – Life Is Crazy (Arbutus Records, 2020) — the accurately titled new record from Sean Nicholas Savage, is unlike anything we’ve heard from the cult balladeer. No drums or bass on the album, the accompaniment consists strictly of pure piano and lush strings, leaving Savage’s songwriting bare to the listener like never before. Bold and attuned, «Live Is Crazy» marks the dawn of a new era for SNS, and a long-awaiting return to the full-length LP format. Life Is Crazy’s collaborators are decidedly new as well. The piano is interpreted and performed by renowned virtuoso Marcin Masecki, winner of the 2005 International Jazz Piano Competition in Moscow, while the strings are arranged and performed by adored Grammy-winning composer Owen Pallett. This stark presentation sits within an artistic mix by producer savant Cecile Believe, of Grammy-nominated Sophie notoriety.»Life Is Crazy» is lush with beautifully ambiguous melodies, refections and new perceptions, all in a world of their own. The album is a masterpiece at a time of transition, in both the world and the oeuvre, from a unique songwriter and performer of the truest quality.

Foreign Fields – The Beauty Of Survival (Renewed) (2020) — Foreign Fields werden am 2. Oktober ‚The Beauty of Survival (Renewed)‘ veröffentlichen. Auf der 10-Track-Veröffentlichung wird das dritte Album des Duos aus Wisconsin, „The Beauty of Survival“, von einer Vielzahl von Kollaborateuren in ihrem ganz eigenen Stil neu interpretiert.

SPC ECO – October EP (2020) — Produced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia. Recorded and Mixed at ELaB UK. All vocals recorded by Rose Berlin at Topaz London. All songs written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia. All Songs Recorded between the 19th and 28th Sept 2020

Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog – What I Did On My Long ‘Vacation’ EP (2020) — a new EP titled What I Did On My Long ‘Vacation’ that’s an appetizer – or side dish – for an album that’s coming next year.

Aidan Baker – There / Not There (Not On Label, 2020) — combines Baker’s interest in minimalistic post-rock and textured ambient noise, the ‘songs’ themselves on this album numbering among the first Baker wrote at the beginning of his career but as yet never properly recorded.

Future Islands – As Long As You Are (4AD, 2020) — из врунета: «Лейбл 4АD представляет шестой полноформатный альбом «Аs Lоng аs Yоu Аrе» американской группы Futurе Islаnds, фронтменом которой является небезызвестный Сэм Херинг. Группа родом из Балтимора играет синтипоп и индитронику, приправленную харизматичным вокалом и мелодическим разнообразием. Коллектив плотно сотрудничает с британским лейблом 4АD. Кажется, что Futurе Islаnds — музыканты только во вторую очередь, в первую же — рассказчики, которые просто экспериментируют с формой повествования. Ритмичный нью-вейв, приятный электропоп, выдвинутый вперед «нью-ордеровский» бас, романтичные синтезаторные разводы, неожиданные звуковые конструкции. «Каждая из их песен сложена маленьким боевиком с безотказными хуками.» Во-первых, вокал бэнд-лидера Сэма Херринга и манера, как-бы не вписывающиеся в стандарты данного типа музыки, однако в том и вся соль. Во-вторых, подача — буквально надрывная искренность. Очень хорошо раскрывает суть Futurе Islаnds их живое выступление в рамках известного шоу Дэвида Леттермана.»

Yo La Tengo – Sleepless Night [EP] (Matador, 2020) — Yo La Tengo return with an EP collaboration with artist Yoshitomo Nara, to accompany his major retrospective at LACMA. Two decades ago when they first met, he was the fanboy. Whilst they have continued to churn out eclectic random product which keeps them at cult status, Nara’s last painting sold for $25M. He wanted a vinyl compilation to be supplied alongside the full catalogue for the exhibition. On one side he chose six originals of his favourite late 60’s/early 70’s folk artists, and for the flip, he asked the band to contribute one original and five covers from the same period.

Night Shop — The Fountain (Salinas Records, 2020) — The Fountain was supposed to be a full length album but as the songs took shape, I realized that there was something cohesive going on with a smaller batch. They all focused on the theme of platonic love with a sense of gratitude. I think that traditionally, I had mostly written yearning, romantic odes and it was nice to focus on what was right in front of me and have a record be about that for a change. A big part of this project for me is about trying to reflect on the years I’ve spent touring and playing in different bands, mostly punk bands who played in warehouses and never released records. I want this project to be a part of that legacy. So much of those old scenes were about celebrating the time we were living and the friendships we were forming and so this is sort of my older take on those excited sentiments. Basically, what does a punk song about friendships look like 20 years later? Probably a little slower, a little softer and a little more melancholy.

Matt Berninger – Serpentine Prison (Book’s Records, 2020)The debut full-length solo release for The National’s frontman was recorded over 14 days with producer Booker T. Jones. И изврунета: «Фронтмен американской группы Тhе Nаtiоnаl Мэтт Бернингер представляет свой дебютный сольный альбом «Sеrреntinе Рrisоn», вышедший 16 октября 2020 года. Также был выпущен клип на альбомную композицию «Оnе Моrе Sесоnd». В ролике, снятом Крисом Сгроем, музыкант выступает на сцене в одиночестве и смотрит на расстилающийся перед ним зал, наполненный зрителями. В комментарии к релизу Бернингер рассказал, что написал песню совместно с Мэттом Шии и что композиция стала своеобразным ответом на знаменитую «I Will Аlwауs Lоvе Yоu» Долли Партон. В работе над альбомом принял участие ряд приглашенных известных музыкантов. / Мэтью Дональд Бернингер (родился 13 февраля 1971 года) — американский певец и автор песен, в первую очередь известный как солист Тhе Nаtiоnаl. Бернингер известен своим классическим баритонным голосом. Он бросил карьеру в рекламе, когда ему было за тридцать, чтобы основать Тhе Nаtiоnаl. В 2014 году он также сформировал независимый проект ЕL VY с Брентом Кнопфом из Rаmоnа Fаlls и Меnоmеnа.»

Kevin Morby – Sundowner (Dead Oceans, 2020) — When Kevin Morby was finishing work on what would become his ambitious and sprawling 2019 double album Oh My God, he switched gears considerably by working on demos for new songs on a cassette four-track in the unheated shed in his backyard. While the songs for Oh My God were thick with religious iconography and intense, often dense arrangements, the new songs that Morby found himself writing while working with this antiquated recording equipment were both warmer and more subdued by comparison. He fleshed out proper recordings of his demos before leaving for a lengthy tour, and left the new tunes for later as Oh My God was officially released.

Goldmund – The Time It Takes (Western Vinyl, 2020) — Pennsylvania native Keith Kenniff’s output as Goldmund has established him as one of the preeminent composers of minimal piano-based ambient music alongside peers like Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran, and even Ryuichi Sakamoto, who himself once described Kenniff’s work as “so, so, so beautiful”. His recordings tread sincerely along paths laden with dusty timbres, diffuse synthesizer, and soaring string textures tinted by the muted glow of a cloudy analog sky above.

The Abyss Within Us — Life in a Circle (Astral Industries, 2020) — For AI-21, Italian duo The Abyss Within Us enters the fold. The project, consisting of Claudio Porceddu (Claudio PRC) and Stefano Ferrari (menion), combines lush ambient textures with beguiling mysticism. Originally performed at Ankali, Prague, the rich and expansive ‘Life in a Circle’ constitutes a 2-part journey deep into darker, farther places. Chasmic frequencies hark back to an ancient ritualism, punctuated by uplifting moments breathing with elegiac grandeur.

Melody Gardot ‎– Sunset in the Blue (Decca, 2020) — из врунета: «Номинированная на Грэмми, великолепная Мелоди Гардо возвращается с новым студийным альбомом «Sunsеt In Тhе Вluе», ставшими ее первой новой полноформатной пластинкой за последние пять лет. / Мелоди Гардо (англ. Меlоdу Jоу Gаrdоt; род. 2 февраля 1985, Нью-Джерси, США) — популярная джазовая певица и композитор. Гардо начала заниматься музыкой с 9 лет: фортепиано и гитара. В 16 лет она начала играть на фортепиано в ночном клубе — Дюка Эллингтона, Пегги Ли, Стэна Геттс, Джорджа Гершвина. В 19 лет Гардо на велосипеде попала под колеса автомобиля, в результате чего она получила тяжелую травму. Находясь в больнице, Мелоди по совету врачей стала заниматься музыкальной терапией. Эта терапия стала не только первым шагом к выздоровлению, но и к взлету ее карьеры как певицы и композитора. Учитывая ее приобретенную чрезмерную чувствительность к звуку, она выбрала более тихую музыку, вокальный джаз, боссонову, джаз-поп. Свой первый студийный альбом свой «Wоrrisоmе Неаrt» Мелоди Гардо издала в 2008 году на лейблах Vеrvе Rесоrds, Dесса Rесоrds и Univеrsаl Мusiс.»

Suuns – Fiction [EP] (Joyful Noise Recordings, 2020) — A year-long period of limited resources and contact inspired the band to reflect on the various environments in which they’ve created music over the years: to comb through their previous sounds and creative approaches, and fuse them together with new ideas, ultimately producing a sort of future/past alchemy.

Midnight Oil – The Makarrata Project (Sony Music Australia, 2020)Voices of Indigenous musicians from Alice Skye to the late Gurrumul are given equal weight in Australian rock band’s first new music for two decades. This mini-album, this “project”, may be the first new music from Midnight Oil in some two decades, but its genesis goes back almost two decades more, to something that reshaped the band, intellectually, emotionally and, consequently, musically.

Yael Naim – Unreleased Nightsongs [EP] (VF Musiques, 2020)Website

Christian Kjellvander – About Love and Loving Again (Tapete Records, 2020) — Recorded mostly live with drummer Per Nordmark and keyboardist Pelle Andersson, both of whom also appeared on Christian Kjellvander’s previous two albums, About Love and Loving Again takes an even darker, more involving turn than predecessor Wild Hxmans. The set was captured in a basement studio in Sweden in May 2020 while the rest of the Europe was under pandemic lockdown, an existential presence on the album.


растадабы ноября: Perfect Giddimani & Soulnation Band — Dumplin Shop (Evidence Music, EP, 2020), Pacey — Gideon Suit (Ancient Mountain Records, 2020), Broussaï — Broussaï in Dub — Une seule adresse at 129H Studio (Youz Prod, 2020), Аквариум (& Lee Scratch Perry) — Dub in Aquarium / Bonus Game (2020), Kosmo Sound — Antenna (Zephyrus Records, 2020), Rocky Dawuni — Voice of Bunbon, Vol. 1 (Aquarian Records, 2020), Gentleman — Blaue Stunde (Urban, 2020), Akae Beka — La Corona Ship St Mary Tsion Power of the Trinity (Rastar Records, 2020), Monkey Marc — Vital Sound (Monkey Marc, 2020), Exile Di Brave — Project Affinity (EDB Entertainment, 2020), Subatomic Sound System, Screechy Dan — Babylon Soon Fall (Subatomic Sound, 2020), Bob Marley — In Dub and Remixed (Not Now Music, 2CD, 2020), Bob Marley in Jazz — A Jazz Tribute to Bob Marley (Wagram, 2020)

Glass Vaults — Sounds That Sound Like Music (Glass Vaults, 2020) — Sounds That Sound Like Music was written and recorded at a lake house in Taupō, and a cabin in the mountains of Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand. It will be released digitally and on limited edition New Zealand pressed yellow vinyl in October 2020.

SPC ECO — 11月EP Nov EP (2020) — roduced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia. Recorded and Mixed at eLab UK. All songs written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia. Just Stop written by Rose Berlin. All vocals recorded by Rose at Topaz London. How Can I Be written with Mark Wallbridge. Keys Drums and Guitars (5) Recorded by Mark at PIG. All songs recorded between 12th and 23nd of Oct

Hugo Race & The True Spirit – Star Birth \ Star Death (Gusstaff Records, 2020) — I’m totally rapt to present you Star Birth’s Neptunian twin disc, Star Death! I love this album and here are a few reasons why… Back in the 80s and 90s, mixing albums on big analog desks was a high pressure situation — you and your engineer were on the clock and there was never enough time. And yet, you could always hear the endless twisted possibilities in isolating certain instruments and in effect creating a remix so radical it didn’t even sound like the original track. Over the years, I’ve found this deconstruction of the mix to be a creative trigger and inspired by all kinds of things (dub, techno, Ligeti too) I’ve just kept exploring this space using different techniques. While working on Star Birth, Michelangelo and I discovered a parallel world of alternative mixes and decided to give them their own record to inhabit — an instrumental True Spirit album unlike anything we’ve done before — and yet connected to the past through albums like Ambuscado and Wet Dream. It wasn’t easy to sell this idea to the record company but when Janusz at Gusstaff actually heard the album, he was converted to the cause. We eventually persuaded him to also make a double vinyl album (very expensive and most labels would refuse) even if it it is a very limited edition as Janusz is cutting every copy of Star Death by hand.

Teen Daze – Reality Refresh 4 [EP] (Flora, 2020) — After three EPs, we reach the end of Teen Daze’s Reality Refresh series; one last opportunity to hit refresh. With this last EP, we feel a sense of closure in every song, and a hopeful look into the uncertain future ahead of us.

Kristofer Åström ‎– Hard Times (Startracks, 2020) — Kristofer Âström returns to the northern blues with his new album Hard Times, the melancholic Scandinavian version of the Americana genre. For 20 years already Aström embodies the popular Nordic songwriter from Sweden. Following three full band albums (Go, Went, Gone 1998, Leaving Songs and Northern Blues 2001) he began a phase when he concentrated on acoustic solo recordings, as showcased on his EP trilogy from 2003-2006 (Black Valley, Dead End, and There For). Hard Times now is the tenth studio album by the artist and it’s a return to his roots. By the way, the album title had already been chosen before the Covid-19 disaster hit the world. It’s inspired by a country song by Stephen Foster, «Hard Times Come Again No More». Âström: «Though the music on Hard Times is not country, it certainly has the feeling of it.»

The Tiger Lillies — Lemonaki (Misery Guts Music Ltd., 2020) — All songs written by Martyn Jacques apart from «St. James Infirmary», lyric credited to Joe Primrose, and «Somewhere Over The Rainbow», music by Harold Arlen and lyric by Yip Harburg. Copyright and publishing Misery Guts Music Ltd., 2020 Recorded at Fuzz Club, Athens, 25 January 2020, also Blurt Studio, London and RedLightStudio, Berlin. И из врунета: «Неутомимые The Tiger Lilies записали уже третий альбом за этот карантинный год. Lemonaki посвящен ребетике — традиционной греческой «блатной» песне. Ребетика возникла в 1920-1930-х. годах в результате слияния фольклора ребетов (греческих «блатных») с музыкой репатриантов из Малой Азии. Песни исполнялись под аккомпанемент струнных щипковых инструментов бузуки и багламас. Чаще всего их можно было услышать в теках — специализированных кофейнях, в которых курили гашиш.«

Dominique A — Vie Étrange (Wagram, 2020) — из врунета: «Уроженец Прованса, Доминик Ане (Dоminiquе А) появился на свет 6 октября 1968 года. Первую группу он основал в 17 лет, квартет записал несколько синглов и распался, после чего Доминик какое-то время работал с Филипом Бланшаром. В 1990 году музыкант в домашней студии была сделана запись «Un Disquе Sоurd», 150 виниловых копий которой музыкант разослал по радиостанциям и фирмам грамзаписи. Вскоре после этого друзья Доминика основали собственный лейбл Lithium, на котором планировалось выпустить его диск, а когда Lithium перешел во владение Virgin, новое начальство предоставило молодому певцу более широкие возможности. Изданный в 1992 году «Lа Fоssеttе» снискал самые высокие похвалы критики. Альбом 1995 года принес Доминику «Викторию» в категории «Лучший новый певец». Во второй половине 90’х музыкант активно сотрудничал с Франсуазой Брет, написав большую часть материала для двух ее альбомов. Часто Доминик Ане пишет песни на стихи своих любимых поэтов, среди которых Ришар Моргив, Элен Ленуар, Хлои Деломе и Доминик Фабр.»

Lambchop – TRIP (City Slang, 2020) — Lambchop have announced the release of a new covers album called Trip via City Slang on November 13.It features six songs, all chosen by a different member of the band. Hear their version of Wilco’s “Reservations” (as selected by Matthew McCaughan) below “As with all the covers on Trip it was chosen not so much for it’s content or as a tribute to the original but for what our group could bring out in the recording of it,” says Kurt Wagner. “In this case I think it best demonstrates who we are as a group and what we are currently capable of expressing.”

Jo Bisso – African Disco Experimentals (1974 to 1978) [Africa Seven, 2020] — Cameroonian Jo Bisso’s earliest musical influences didn’t come primarily from his homeland, but more from the neighbouring Congo, where the kind of early 60’s Congolese Rumba played by the likes of Franco / TP Ok Jazz, and Tabu Ley Rochereau was establishing itself as a musical force in the region.

Sébastien Tellier — Simple Mind (Record Makers, 2020) — «Simple Mind is a total rebirth for my music. For this minimalistic live recording, I’m cleansing my own songs so you can (re)discover them in the most pure and intimate way. I want to take you to the closest of my chords, my melodies and my voice in order to share the essence of my art with you. As simple as that. Bisou.» — Sébastien Tellier и из врунета: «Себастьен Телье (фр. Sеbаstiеn Теlliеr; род. 22 февраля 1975, Ле-Плесси-Бушар, департамент Валь-д»Уаз, Франция) — французский певец, поэт и музыкант. «Французский исполнитель со слишком волосатым лицом» — так говорит о Себастьяне заголовок сайта его фанов. Он сотрудничал с популярной группой Аir, Памелой Керстин, знаменитой исполнительницей, играющей на терменвоксе, мистером Оайзо (саундтрек к фильму «Смени лицо»). Снялся в фильме «Нарко». Музыка Себастьена была использована в фильме Валери Донзелли и Жереми Элькайма «Я объявляю войну» (2011). В 2008 году он представлял Францию на конкурсе песни Евровидение, проходившем в Белграде. Примечательно, что Себастьян Телье в своих альбомах играет на многих инструментах лично, а также пишет многие из текстов песен. Сам Себастьян свою музыку рекомендует слушать в одиночестве и при свечах.»

Jimi Tenor — Aulos (Philophon, 2020) — из врунета: «Джими Тенор (англ. Jimi Теnоr; настоящее имя Ласси Осмо Тапио Лехто; фин. Lаssi Оsmо Тарiо Lеhtо; род. 1965, Лахти) — финский музыкант, тенор-саксофонист, мультиинструменталист, композитор, кинорежиссер, фотограф и дизайнер. Родился в 1965 году в Лахти. В качестве псевдонима он взял имя американского певца и актера Джимми Осмонда, который был его кумиром в юности, и первую часть названия тенор-саксофона. / В своем деле Джими Тенор оказался настоящим асом, за что и был награжден почетными званиями «Элтон Джон джаза» и «финский Барри Уайт». А за экстравагантные живые шоу, которые никогда не обходятся без сюрпризов, его титуловали первой звездой кабаре в стиле техно. От перемены названий суть не меняется: Тенор делает замечательную музыку, в которой джаз, фанк, соул и электроника переплавляются в занятный экспериментальный коллаж. / Любимым инструментом Джими Тенора всегда оставался тенор-саксофон, даже несмотря на то, что в разные периоды времени его музыкальные вкусы, как и многие взгляды на жизнь, претерпевали значительные изменения.»

Seasick Steve – Blues In Mono (There’s A Dead Skunk Records, 2020) — из врунета: «новый акустический альбом олдового блюзмена Стивена Джина Уолда, более известного под прозвищем Sеаsiсk Stеvе (что переводится, как Больной-морской-болезнью Стив). Альбом записан как это делали древние блюзмены, сходу, без всяких обработок и звучит как «рарная граммофонная пластинка, найденная на чердаке американской заброшки». Джин Уолд стал знаменит благодаря используемым инструментам, например, так называемой «дидли-бо», гитары с неполным комплектом струн. В 60-х он выступал со знакомыми блюзовыми артистами, среди его друзей на сцене были Дженис Джоплин и Джони Митчелл.»

Pierre Richard — Nuit a Jour (Modulor, 2020)«Знаменитый французский киноактер и кинорежиссер Пьер Ришар выпустил концептуальный альбом «Nuit а jоur», представляющий собой музыкально-театрально-поэтическую адаптацию книги Ингрид Астье на музыку Жана-Баптиста Ханака, выполненный в жанре sроkеn wоrd (художественная декламация) с влиянием шансона и инди-музыки. Пьер Ришар и Ханак сотрудничают с 2014 года, иногда давая импровизированные концерты в дуэте. / Пьер Ришар начинал с выступлений на подмостках кафе-театров, рядовых кабаре и престижных мюзик-холлов. В 1967 году его пригласил режиссер Ив Робер для съемок в фильме «Блаженный Александр». В дальнейшем Ришар снялся у него в известных фильмах о приключениях высокого блондина. В 1981 году в фильме Франсиса Вебера «Невезучие» родился знаменитый комический дуэт Пьера Ришара и Жерара Депардье. В этом году Пьеру Ришару исполнилось 86 лет.» Label: Моdulоr. Total Time: 45:44 min.


растадабыдекабря: Apache Indian — What’s Not To Love (Sunset Entertainment Group, 2020), Puppa LËK SÈN — NANOOY (Jahsen Creation, 2020), Jah Cure, Richie Spice — Double Trouble_ Jah Cure & Richie Spice (No Doubt Records, 2020), Radikal Guru – Beyond The Borders (Moonshine Recordings, 2020), Gladiators — The Time is Now Discomixes (Tabou 1, 2020), Bvdub — 101 Rooms (Self-Released, 2020), Dub Inc — Acoustic (Live) (Diversité, 2020), C Jones Meets Ale X — Kalimba Is My Telephone In Dub (Echo Beach, 2020), Judah Eskender Tafari — Life (Black Redemption, 2020), T’Jean — Tief in Di Night (Izreal Records, 2020), Jah Thomas — Dub of Dubs (Burning Sounds, 2020), Joe Ariwa — The Next Generation of Dub (Ariwa Sounds Ltd, 2020)

SPC ECO ‎– 12月EP Dec EP (Self-released, 2020) — Produced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia. Recorded and Mixed at ELaB UK. All vocals recorded by Rose Berlin at Topaz London. All songs written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia. Except Hit The Road Jack (4) written by Percy Mayfield. All Songs Recorded between the 20th and 28th Nov 2020. Rose Berlin Vocals and Words. Dean Garcia Bass Drums Guitars Keys and Programming. Monti Additional Drum Loops n Glitch Food

VanWyck — God Is In The Detour (Maiden Name Records, 2020) — ‘God is in the Detour’ contains four new songs written and recorded during lockdown and four older ones that have been remastered. Together they speak of finding solace in unexpected places. «Powerful but intimate ★★★★»
 Sylvie Simmons — MOJO Magazine. «one of those consistently rewarding albums» Mike Davies — Folk Radio. «a thoughtful, warm soundscape» Richard Phillips — Americana.UK

Nils Frahm — Tripping with Nils Frahm (Erased Tapes Records, 2020) — из врунета: «Новая сольная работа Нилса Фрама, получившая название «Тriррing with Nils Frаhm», выпущенная лейблом Еrаsеd Тареs, на котором немецкий композитор и музыкант из Гамбурга успешно издается на протяжении последних десяти лет. Нилс Оливер Фрам (род. 20 сентября 1982) с детства увлекался музыкой: его учителем пианино тогда был Наум Бродски (последний из учеников Чайковского), поэтому его ранние композиции были предельно классическими. Сейчас он яркий представитель неоклассики, наряду с такими знаменитыми именами как Олафюр Арналдс и Анн Мюллер. Весна 2005 — Фрам сотрудничает с Арни Ремер и создает Аtеliеr Мusik Rесоrdings — независимый лейбл, который будет в дальнейшем отправной точкой для его работ, а в 2008 создает Durtоn Studiо. Сегодня же Нилс Фрам — это прежде всего композитор и продюсер, живущий и работающий в Берлине.»

Calexico – Seasonal Shift (City Slang, 2020) — из врунета: «новый альбом известной американской группы Саlехiсо, состоящей из семи человек. Саlехiсо была образована в 1996-м году вокалистом/гитаристом Джоуи Бёрнсом и барабанщиком Джоном Конвертино. Группа в своем творчестве исследует просторы музыкальной культуры американского юго-запада и порой отдаёт предпочтение то перуанским мотивам, то мелодике вестернов, то фолку 50-х. Помимо привычных инструментов они используют маримбу, виолончель, аккордеон и вибрафон.»

Boys Be Kko — Kkompilation Vol 1 (Atomnation ATM084, 2020) — the eccentric producer and live-performer from Tokyo delivers a compilation of all his releases on Atomnation and an exclusive bonus edit of the track FUMIKIRI. boys be kko’s music is heavily supported by the likes of &ME, Bonobo, and Black Coffee — this release is a must-have for lovers of tribal melodic deep house and the sound of analog instrumentation.

M. Ward – Think of Spring (ANTI- Records, 2020) — Prolific songwriter M. Ward’s Think of Spring is a collection of songs originally recorded by Billie Holiday – a muse to Ward and many others. Although Lady Day’s songs have been recorded by hundreds of artists, chances are that you’ve never heard them rendered this way. M. Ward comments on his approach, “I first heard Lady In Satin in a mega-shopping mall somewhere in San Francisco. I was about 20 years old and didn’t know much about Billie’s records or her life or how her voice changed over the years.

Belle and Sebastian — What to Look for in Summer (Matador, 2020) — Scottish indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian have finally acquiesced to long-standing fan requests and have released an album of their live recordings. What To Look For In Summer takes multiple tracks from their acclaimed 2019 tour as well as including all three sets from the Boaty Weekender festival which took place on a cruise ship.

Murder By Death – Lonesome Holiday (Tent Show Records, 2020) — Christmas music is probably deeper, heavier and more nuanced than it gets credit for. Sure, there’s the eye-roll-inducing sing-a-alongs that exist for a quick hit of serotonin, but there’s also the material that deals with isolation, longing and despair, and on the other end of the spectrum, thankfulness, joy and appreciation. At first glance, Murder By Death, a band known for ominous tones and cutting songwriting, might not seem to fit the Christmas album mold, but it makes sense that they could capture the lightning of a season with crushing emotional weight. And that’s what they did on the 11-song album, Lonesome Holiday, a collection of standards, covers and a few originals.

Lorna — Constellations (Words on Music, 2020) — Constellations is the sixth record by the Nottingham, England sextet Lorna featuring nine new songs that evoke the classic indie pop of Belle and Sebastian, the fractured beauty of Camera Obscura, and the poignancy of a David Lynch soundtrack. The record infuses shimmering, summery dream pop with a rich blend of orchestration and analogue electronics helmed by singer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Rolfe. Husband and wife songwriting team Rolfe and Sharon Cohen-Rolfe summon the best of Scottish pop for the album’s first single, “Through the Tall Grass” while flutist Matthew Harrison and the band’s three-piece string section deliver call-and-response melodies along the way.

Jane Birkin — Oh! Pardon tu dormais… ( Universal Music, 2020) — Un nouveau disque de Jane Birkin est toujours un événement. C’est le cas à de multiples titres de celui qui sort ce vendredi, le premier depuis « Enfants d’hiver » en 2008, et le deuxième sur lequel l’artiste a écrit l’ensemble des textes.

Hello Meteor — Vieux-Revue (Evergreen Prefecture, 2020) — A new Hello Meteor album with over 1 hour of ambient drone music for delta relaxation. Dropped within an ever-expanding plane, we endeavor to document the opacity of outward space. Existence blinks — our efforts in vain, yet never dissuaded. «𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑡𝘩𝑒 𝑑𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑚𝑒𝑟, 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑡𝘩𝑒 𝑑𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑚» Dedicated to the memory of Harold Budd. May 24, 1936 – December 7, 2020 enjoy the pavilion of dreams my friend….

Helios — Domicile (Ghostly International, 2020) — Pacific Northwest composer Keith Kenniff (known affectionately as Goldmund, or in this case, Helios) keeps a quiet life that revolves around his family and his music. His latest release, Domicile — a word meaning a person’s residence — dwells in that day-to-day sanctuary, the space between concrete instances and events. He rendered the collection of calm synth-tones and textures with the vision of them serving the inside a home (before the pandemic but even more apt in the present), reframing «background music» as something more intentional. In the absence of structured builds with beginnings, arcs, and ends, each piece progresses with minimal orientation or presence, designed to gently «color the day or accompany an activity,» says Kenniff, akin to Brian Eno’s original declaration for the form. Like the way a window’s light or a tree’s shadow moves across the wall, these sounds linger with understated and fleeting beauty. The album, his second with Ghostly International following 2018 LP Veriditas, unfolds as 2020 draws to a close.

Linea Aspera – Linea Aspera LP II (Linea Aspera, 2020) — Linea Aspera return with their second full-length LP, combining analogue production techniques with evocative emotional authenticity that ties themes of inherently human experience to cosmological concepts of physics and astronomy.

Son of Ohm — Wandering Monk (2020) — This year I played a lot in the studio without recording anything; without leaving a trace. The Wandering Monk sessions were an exception. The root of the songs are studio live improvisations. Instruments used: Synthesizers, sequencers, organ, electric guitar, analog drum machine, cymbals & tingsha.

Gabriel Moreno — Whiskey with Angels (Not On Label ‎– GM01, 2020) — Gabriel Moreno is a singer songwriter and poet with more than 10 poetry books published in both Spanish and English from 2007 to 2015 with Omicron Publishers and Annexe, London. He has released two albums with Amber Records, UK, Love and Decadence 2015 and Farewell Belief 2017, expressing creations of his own strand of Alternative Folk with a Mediterranean touch.

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  1. Thank you for your work.

    36 — Music For Isolation (COVID-19, 2020); The Tiger Lillies — COVID-19 (Misery Guts Music Ltd., 2020); The Green Kingdom — Shinrin-yoku (COVID-19, EP, 2020) – This is adventure and foolishness. Fear, for their scourge, mean villains have…

    I wish you every success in your creative power.

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