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0005644068_1017F — сольный проект швейцарского музыканта Fred Merk. Базируясь в Vevey (Switzerland), Фред с 1987 года принимал участие как гитарист в различных коллективах — «Charlotte Parfois», «Hemlock Smith» анд «Girls in the Kitchen»,  пока в 2010-м не выпустил самиздатовский сольник «Tree of Them» а в 2012-м — «The Boy Who Cried Wolf». Его музыку относят к «acoustic to psychadelix or progressive» и добавляют «melancholic atmospheres and hypnotic soundscapes», но думаю и так понятно, что все таинственно и негромко — в темноте его ковриков (обложек) и фолкотроническом звуке, создаваемом кроме самого Fred Merk (vox & guit), командой из Julien Vuataz (bass) Micael Vuataz, (sax & electronics), Théo Missillier (drums).











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  1. 17F is the name of the project led by Frederic Merk from Vevey (Switzerland). 17f has released three albums “Son of a River” 2013, “The Boy who cried wolf” 2012 and “Tree of them” 2010. Mainly focused on ambient or psychedelic music. All three titles are, the two latest one’s are set on a fixed price and the 1st album [ Tree Of Them ] is available as “name your price”. On a experimental / ambient now we’ve got ourselves some excellent music here and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking it all out as the music speaks for itself.

    [ Tree Of Them ]. The idea behind « Tree of them » arose while Frederic was composing the very long song “Aiga” which
    was then recorded with friends and musicians at Studio 603 in Vevey. This launched the whole process and the idea took shape and eventually ended up in a coherent 7-track album. Impressionistic, tense and captivating, playing with the lingering and cold feel of the northern countries, following the river jazz at times, titillating the progressive and psychedelic music of the 70’s, sometimes shrilly, sometimes noisy and provocative, the dramatic and introspective atmosphere is either appealing or disturbing. Quietness is marked with violence, sadness is filled with hope.

    Beyond any radio, commercial or stylistic constraint, “Tree of them” is the outcome of a collaboration and its title expresses the trinity between a man, his father and his son, the wandering, the questioning about the emptiness left by the dead. “Tree of them” starts intriguingly with “Le Sexe Faible” in which the tribal drums and the ney of virtuoso Sufi Kudsi Erguner answer to an animal Larsen; a harsh observation on frailty and denial. “Le Nain” goes on with tones attesting that the author has made up with Gainsbarre. “For a while” is the only pop track of the album which allows one to catch their breath before “Receipt”, a hybrid and puzzling song, a complex neurosis with a hint of humor.

    Then comes “Racines”, an intermezzo with oriental notes, which prompts one to anchor their feet to the ground and to sway like a tree. An adequate preparation to tackle the long and melodic “Aiga” which, just like the Styx, describes the winding and imaginary river parting the author and the world of the missing ones. Finally, “Angel”, a brief musical haiku as a thank you note where the black swift and its spring song invite us to look at the sky and find the first signs of summer.

    [ Son Of A River ]. Recorded between Vevey/Switzerland and Toiano/Italy from summer 2012 to summer 2013. Recorded, mixed, mastered,played by Fred Merk, except lyrics and vocals on« Power of the hill » by Richard Birkin (aka Emphemetry), slide guitar on «Hold me» by Sacha Ruffieux, vocals, lyrics and contrabass on « Les Clochettes » by Rahel Steiner, drums on «Lumière Directe » by Théo Missillier .

    Various old microphones, tape recorders, broken instruments, vintage synthesizers, tape delay and unconventional crappy materials were used in order to test them. As a result it gave this collection of songs. Field recordings were done in the summer 2012 wandering through Vevey, Zermatt, Toiano, Gstadt.

    You Might Want To Start With [ Tree Of Them ] and work your way up but do give them ALL a listen. Post-rock, Instrumental, Ambient, Electronica, [ The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation ], Spoken Lyrics, Singing-lyrics, Softronica, Slow-jazz, Slow-ambient, Avant-garde, Experimental, Contemporary-jazz, Multi-instrumental, [ The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble ], Field Recordings [ YOU NAME IT ] this album will take you to places you would never imagine. This is practically A MUST HAVE / BY ALL MEANS moniker that I wouldn’t miss at any cost.

    < < < < < [ [ FACEBOOK ] | [ BANDCAMP ] ]. > > > > >

    17F - Son Of A River

    Artist – 17F
    Album – Son Of A River [ * * * * * ]
    Release Date – 2013
    Genre – Ambient, Post-rock, Instrumental, Experimental, Slow-jazz [ LOVE IT TO BITS ]


    01. Preamble 01:32
    02. Lumière directe (feat. Théo Missillier) 06:24
    03. Mon ami je… 03:56
    04. Mountain 01:18
    05. Hold me (feat. Sacha Love) 04:07
    06. Land 02:46
    07. Les clochettes (feat. Rahel Steiner) 03:40
    08. Power of the Hill (feat. Emphemetry) 01:36
    09. Bom 02:08
    10. Son of a River 01:57

    17F – Son Of A River

    17F - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    Artist – 17F
    Album – The Boy Who Cried Wolf [ * * * * * ]
    Release Date – 2012
    Genre – Ambient, Post-rock, Instrumental, Experimental, Slow-jazz [ LOVE IT TO BITS ]


    01. Bellprank 01:21
    02. The boy who cried wolf 02:35
    03. In praise of shadow 02:07
    04. Asshole 02:29
    05. Happy new year 01:54
    06. Unbedingt 03:01
    07. The swing of things 03:44
    08. Gimme some booze 02:36
    09. A second chance 01:51
    10. Pusan 02:59
    11. Warlock 01:55
    12. Waiting 05:36
    13. The boy who cried again 04:14

    17F – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    17F - Tree Of Them

    Artist – 17F
    Album – Tree Of Them [ * * * * * ]
    Release Date – 2010
    Genre – Ambient, Post-rock, Instrumental, Experimental, Slow-jazz [ LOVE IT TO BITS ]


    1. Le sexe faible 03:16
    2. Le Nain 04:50
    3. For a while 05:51
    4. Receipt (free) 03:58
    5. Racines (free) 02:04
    6. Aiga 17:07
    7. Angel (free) 02:54

    17F – Tree Of Them

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